Allyson Felix

Celebrating my grandfather’s 100th birthday

Allyson Felix with her grandfather, Dr. Whalen S. Jones, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday (Kirby Lee)Allyson Felix with her grandfather, Dr. Whalen S. Jones, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday (Kirby Lee) © Copyright
Allyson Felix took last weekend off from competition for the most special of occasions - her grandfather's 100th birthday party!

“Hey folks,

“A lot of people have been wondering why I wasn’t at the Prefontaine Classic (on 7 June).  I am not hurt and I am fine.

“I was planning to run the 100m but I realized a week ago that it conflicted with the 100th birthday party of my grandfather Dr. Whalen S. Jones.

“This past Saturday (6 June) I had the honor of attending his 100th birthday celebration.  He is a brilliant man that has inspired me so much and I was thrilled to be a part of his special day.

“He inspires me because he grew up in a very difficult time and never let boundaries stop him.  He is the founder of Messiah Baptist Church in Los Angeles, where he was the pastor for 34 years. (Currently many track athletes attend the church such as Dawn Harper, Craig Everhart, Brandon Johnson, Jonathan Williams, Nicole Leach and Kevin Craddock.) 

“The thing that amazes me so much about my grandfather is that he has been through so many things in his life both wonderful and tragic yet he continues to be a perfect example of a Godly man.

“The party was at the Marriott in Torrance and about 35 members of our family were there along with member of the Messiah Baptist Church and many other churches.  There were about 400 guests attending his celebration.

“You can find his bio here just in case you are interested about him:

“My next meet will be at the USATF Championships on 25-28 June. I feel pretty good with my fitness regarding the 200m.  We are just now starting to focus on speed work so I am looking forward to racing once I have some under my belt.  I did only plan on one 200 before nationals and I will run multiple 200's after nationals and before World Championships.  I will also run at least one more 400 before World Championships.

“I felt like I ran decent races in the 200m at the Adidas Track Classic and the 400m in the Reebok Grand Prix.  Because last year was very emotionally and physically demanding, Bobby Kersee and myself agreed that we would take a more progressive approach to this season.  So I am definitely being patient with my performances and looking for my best results to come at the World Championships.

“I'm really excited because I've been featured as a guest columnist on a really cool website called Skinny and the City ( Skinny and the City is a website that helps women achieve their healthy lifestyle goals through nutrition and diet, the site is made up of registered dieticians and they deliver tips to your inbox everyday. I came to know the girls over at SATC through my fitness website Glisten ( we really felt that the two sites have a lot in common and share a common goal. So make sure you go and check them both out!

“I’ll be checking in again next month. Thanks for reading.