Allyson Felix

Emotional roller coaster for Felix as she fine tunes preparation for US Trials

Dazzling double for Allyson Felix in Doha (Getty/AFP)Dazzling double for Allyson Felix in Doha (Getty/AFP) © Copyright

“Hello everybody

“The U.S. Olympic Trials (26 June-6 July) are just around the corner. The only meet I have left before Trials is Pre (8 June) where I'll run the 100m.

“I've yet to run a 200m but I am not concerned about the fitness for the 200m because I have worked very hard in practice to make sure my strength and speed is where it needs to be. My curve running has been going well in practice and with the four rounds at Trials, I'm confident that things will come together at the right time. 

“I'm definitely looking forward to running the 200m because it's my favourite event. I've learned to be patient and trust in coach Bobby (Kersee’s) plan, I know he will have me ready.

“I'm really happy with how my preparation is coming along as the Olympic Trials approach.  Although I've had a few bad races, I'm not at all discouraged. I'm excited because I know my speed and strength is on course and now we are focusing on technical adjustments and increasing the intensity in practice.
“I was on an emotional roller coaster the week of Doha (9 May) and Carson (18 May). l received news of the passing of my boyfriend (Kenneth Ferguson’s) father around 3am the night before I ran in Doha and wasn't able to get much sleep.

“Once I got home from Doha, I left Tuesday from Los Angeles to Detroit to attend the funeral and got back Thursday. The next day I attended my graduation at USC.  I was just emotionally and physically drained.

“Sometimes, I think I'm Superwoman and that I can handle whatever comes my way, but that is when coach Bobby (Kersee) looks into my eyes, reminds me that I'm human and demands that I rest.
“It seemed nothing could go right with my trip to Doha. After a very long flight and once I reached passport control, I realized I left my passport in my seat on the plane.  I knew it would be easy to spot because it has a bright pink cover.

“I was wrong. It took over an hour later before my passport was located. By that time, the baggage was long gone and of course, mine did not arrive.

“I'm usually good about carrying my spikes and competition gear with me, but for some reason I decided against it this time. It was a good thing a mall was close by.  I went shopping and was able to find everything I needed. And I learned my lesson again, the hard way.
“I felt really good going into Doha and was excited to compete finally. My main goal was to run faster than I had the previous year.  I was pleased with my times in the 100m (10.93) and the 400m (49.83) because I knew my speed and endurance is where it needs to be for this point in the year.

“Graduation was great. I had a whole cheering section filled with my parents, my brother, my grandparents, my Godparents, and my aunts.  It was a very fulfilling moment for the entire family because I definitely didn't do it alone. 

“Although my start could use a lot of work, it's nice to escape from reality sometimes. That’s when I play Mario and Sonic Olympic Games on my Wii. If only my technique in the game could work on the real track I'd have a perfect start and a World record.

“I still love Guitar Hero. I've just been taking my frustrations out on Mario and Sonic. LOL
“I’ve also been busy lately getting my web site Glisten ready for launch. We still have a lot of work to do, but my brother Wes and I can’t wait for the emails to start going out.

 “Glisten was featured at Package of Prevention’s Fashion Show Charity event a couple weeks ago. Package of Prevention ( is a cancer non-profit aimed at promoting the importance of cancer screening and early detection. The fashion show was great and many of the women that attended were very excited about Glisten.

“So don’t forget to visit, sign up and tell your friends!”