Allyson Felix After her world

After world lead in Stockholm, Felix confident as Berlin approaches

Dominating 21.88 dash for Allyson Felix in Stockholm (Hasse Sjögren)Dominating 21.88 dash for Allyson Felix in Stockholm (Hasse Sjögren) © Copyright
leading 21.88 dash in Stockholm, Allyson Felix says she's feeling confident about her upcoming title defence in Berlin.

“Greetings everybody"

“Just a quick update as I begin final preparations for the World Championships. I headed to Berlin on 6 Aug for relay camp."

“My 200m win in 21.88 in the DN Galan in Stockholm (31 July) made me feel confident that I am on course to where I would like to be in Berlin. The race felt very good, and I was focusing on running a strong curve."

“This was the fifth year that I have competed at the DN Galan. I always enjoy coming to this meet because it’s a lot of fun.  The fans are all packed into the stadium and it feels like you could reach out and touch them.  They play music and it’s just a great atmosphere to run in.  I’d been waiting for this meet ever since I came overseas because, I knew it was my last 200m run before Worlds."

“It was definitely difficult to be patient in my previous races. It had always been in my training plan to race over 100 and 400m, but it can be frustrating to not be able to run my best race each meet."

“My coach (Bobby Kersee) has always encouraged me to focus and stay committed to the plan, and if I do so, then I will see my best results in Berlin. I feel like everything is going well. I have been very pleased with my latest practices and I'm excited to do some fine tuning before I start competing."

“I've been in Europe for about a month now and I will stay here until my season is over. My training group is based in Paris so it has been great for us to be able to get intense workouts in between races and before world championships."

“I'm really enjoying getting to see a little bit of each place I've competed at. I've had the opportunity to see the Vatican, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and just a lot of culture from each city I've been."