Allyson Felix

New York here I come

Allyson Felix anchors the victorious 4x400m quartet at Penn (Kirby Lee)Allyson Felix anchors the victorious 4x400m quartet at Penn (Kirby Lee) © Copyright

time 200m World champion Allyson Felix relishes her upcoming confrontation with double Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown at the IAAF New York Diamond League meeting... 


“I am in New York preparing for the 200m in the adidas Grand Prix meet on Saturday (12 June). I'm really excited to be racing here. There is always a great crowd here that always adds to the performances. 

“The 200m has always been my favourite event and this should be a great race with Veronica Campbell-Brown.  I'm looking forward to my upcoming races this year, I feel very fit and I'm excited to focus on performances and consistency.

“I’ve been following the NBA Finals very closely between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. I'm a huge Lakers fan and I've had an incredible time going to some of the games.  I've been to three games since the playoffs have started.  It's just something about the playoffs that I absolutely love. The players compete so hard and have such a desire to win that I really enjoy watching it.

“I went to a game in the first round against Oklahoma, a game in the Phoenix series in the West Division championships and I went to Game 2 of the finals. I always wear purple and gold when I go to the games to show my support. My favourite player is definitely Pau Gasol. I love how he has improved as a player, his intensity and competitiveness.

“I recently had the chance to go to ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut with LoLo Jones and Veronica Campbell-Brown. We were on SportsNation which is a show that combines comedy and athletics, so we really enjoyed ourselves.

“On SportsNation we were on a fun segment where we analyzed office cubicle races, which was definitely a funny experience. ESPN was a cool place, it was neat to see all of the sets of the shows that I watch daily.

“I'm also looking forward to a photo shoot that I will be doing for my sponsor after I compete in New York.  I'm excited because they are bringing two of my best friends, Erica Fleming and Alisha Lewis, out to take part in the shoot. 

“I ran with Erica in high school at L.A. Baptist. Alisha just graduated from law school and is preparing to take the bar. This will be the first time that my friends have ever been involved in what I do and I know it's going to be a lot of fun. I chose them because they are my closest girlfriends and we have a bond like sisters.

“In the near future, I’ll be able to share news about my management team which is evolving. That’s it for now. Wish me luck this weekend.”