Asafa Powell

Big times and big news coming up

Asafa Powell at the Oslo Diamond League meeting (Mark Shearman)Asafa Powell at the Oslo Diamond League meeting (Mark Shearman) © Copyright

Asafa Powell, one of track & field’s most loved sons, is having a blast of a season. So far without facing any of the top two guys, Tyson Gay or Usain Bolt, Powell has delivered some amazing times and made it clear, there are faster times to come this summer.

>>Click here to read Asafa's IAAF Diamond League website fan chat which was held in Rome yesterday 8 June <<

“I’m just very excited about the way the season is going now. I am running very fast early and I have not yet been perfect. My last race in Oslo, I was having a sore groin and hamstring but the time was still very fast. I think as the season goes on I will continue to run faster and faster.

“Everything is going great with the races now and I am expecting to keep improving as the season progresses. Doha 9.75, Ostrava 9.83, Oslo 9.72, Rome ??? I’m excited to see what comes next.

"After Rome, my home away from Home, I will return to Jamaica. In July I will be back in Europe running the Diamond League circuit.

"Apart from my fast time on the track in Ostrava, the Czech Republic city also had other great memories.

“Ostrava was a great race for me. I really like running there. I had great memories from my race there 5 years ago and now I have more great memories. It’s a fast track with great fans. Both times I have been there we have been unlucky with the weather. I hope someday to go there and run a fast race in the sun.
"Driving the BMW’s at the airport was the highlight though. As you know I love cars and love speed. BMW was the official car of the meet and they took me out to the Ostrava Airport and let me drive the new M5 on the runway.

“They shut down the runway for about an hour and let us race on the runway. I had the M5 up to 320 KM/HR it was incredible.

“Why did I decide to drive, because every chance I get to try out fast cars I will take advantage of it. When my manager asked me if I wanted to do it, there was not a second in my mind where I even considered not doing it. Of course I was going to.

"That was the very little that happened off the track, because on the circuit, there isn’t a lot of time to do too much. When we’re not training or racing or travelling we have to rest. I spend a lot of the time resting in my room listening to music or on my computer and the internet.

"How could I forget ... Before we left Jamaica for Europe in May, I spent mother’s day with my mom. Since we are in season and training is very hard I don’t get to see my mother as much so it was nice to spend the day with her.

"After all this, I cannot leave out the fans. My fans are great, they are always so supportive. They get so excited to see me and get my autograph. I am very thankful to my fans. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the opportunities we have in our sport.

"In closing, look out for some big news next week .... it will be known in Rome on Friday night. That’s all I can say about it now, but I am looking forward to running in Rome and sharing my news.

“Until then ... love you all”