Barbora Spotakova

Birthday celebration and top performances for Barbora Spotakova

68.66m throw for victory in Rome for Barbora Spotakova (Giancarlo Colombo)68.66m throw for victory in Rome for Barbora Spotakova (Giancarlo Colombo) © Copyright

First the good news. Barbora Spotakova’s flat in Prague’s Old Town is now completely finished, complete with new kitchen, thanks largely to her boyfriend Lukas. And to mark the occasion, the Czech Republic’s Olympic champion held a party there at the weekend which also marked her birthday.

Second – more good news. The Achilles tendon problem that has troubled her at the start of the season has faded away, and the Diamond League Ambassador has produced a series of performances which have seen her take premier position in the Diamond League women’s javelin competition…

“I was looking forward to the Diamond League meeting in Rome at the beginning of the month, because my Achilles was getting better and I was feeling very well. So I wasn’t so surprised when I won with 68.66 metres.

“One of the reasons I enjoyed Rome so much was that Lukas, who is a professional fireman, was able to get time off to come with me. It’s always very nice when we can manage this. So we saw a bit of Rome – we had a quiet dinner in the Piazza Navona, Very romantic!

“And my competition was very good. I felt like I was coming back into good shape, although I knew there was a lot of competition ahead of me.

“After that I competed in Prague, and I had a lot of friends and family watching me, and I think I underestimated my South African rival, Sunette Vijoen! I thought that throwing 65 metres would be enough to win, and I threw 65.71, but I didn’t expect Sunette to throw 66.38. I was pleased for her, though, as that was the African record. We will have to count on her in competition from now on!

“Then I went to Bergen for the European Team Championships, and I won with 67.63. I always like this event because normally I don’t have a chance to feel part of a national team. I really enjoy the responsibility, and I am determined to finish first for my team-mates.

“Even though it was not as far as the throw I did in Rome, this was my best throw of the season so far. It was my first throw it was very easy, technically very good, and I didn’t put 100 per cent power into it. I am feeling very good about my throwing now.

“The Achilles problem has been disappearing, which means I have been able to train harder.

“The week before the party I had a training camp about 40km away from Prague. Then I came back and we had all the preparations. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. Because my flat is on the top floor of a five-storey block, we had our celebrations out on the roof, because it was very nice weather.

“Then I had to go back to train on Monday and Tuesday, and I must leave for the Diamond League in Eugene, Oregon in two days’ time. I have been there before, and I like it. I will be looking for first or second place, but I am a little tired from my training so I don’t think there will be a big distance from me. But I am glad I have done the work because I have a big block of competitions ahead of me now.

“After Eugene I will be travelling to England to take part in the Gateshead Diamond League, then I have the Czech Championships, then the Monaco Diamond League, and two days after that the qualification starts for the European Championships in Barcelona!

“I don’t think I will be taking all six attempts in every event. I need to conserve some of my energy. So I am looking for some more good throws at my first attempt!”