Barbora Spotakova

Spotakova cautiously optimistic as Diamond League approaches

Barbora Spotakova en route to throwing a world record of 72.28m in the javelin (Getty Images)Barbora Spotakova en route to throwing a world record of 72.28m in the javelin (Getty Images) © Copyright
Barbora Spotakova, IAAF Diamond League Ambassador, is preparing in Debrecen, Hungary for her first Diamond League meeting of the season at Doha, Qatar on 14 May.

“It is perfect sunny weather here, and I am getting into really good shape, but there is one small problem because my Achilles tendon is bothering me a little bit. It’s just a little black point on my good mood.

“I think if I’m going to be careful, I’m going to be OK. I’m not afraid. I have to do some different exercises at the moment, and I am using roller blades because it doesn’t put the Achilles under pressure. I have been roller blading back home in Prague, and now I am moving around Debrecen very fast!

“I am feeling happy today because my boyfriend, Lukas, has arrived at the camp, and also my physiotherapist, so I will be a little bit calmer.

“I had a similar problem last year. It’s only when you train a lot, particularly in March and April, that you start to get problems. In my case, the Achilles is usually the first part of my body to get tired. Everybody has a weakest point somewhere.

“I think javelin throwers are particularly prone to problems because it is such a dynamic event. To do it well, you need to be 100 per cent healthy.

 “I am halfway through my last training camp before the season starts, working with my coach, Rudolf Eerny and Barbara Madejczyk, the Polish thrower who was seventh in Beijing.

“Working together was Barbara’s idea, and it was a very good one. She is a similar type of thrower to me, and we get along together very well. I hope I can help her and she can help me.

“I may decide to do some smaller competition in the Czech Republic before Doha, although Doha can be my first competition of the season.

“For me this season the Diamond League is the top thing – and of course the European Championships in Barcelona. Being chosen as a Diamond League Ambassador is an honour for me, being put in such company.

“It’s a little bit of pressure for me because I have to kind of prove I am worthy of it. Although I have won world and Olympic titles, I have to do it all again this year.

“My secret wish is to break the world record again in my career. Maybe it won’t happen this season, but my mark of 72.28m is not the final distance.

“I think that the women’s record can be around 75 metres. It will not be so easy, but I still believe I could do it if everything went well.

“This afternoon I am going take some time out and go to the thermal baths. They are something I love about Hungary – Lukas and I sometimes come here for our holidays as well.

“And I still have a beer every evening - even though I am drinking Stella Artois rather than one of my favourite Czech beers like Pilsner or Svijany!”