Christine Ohuruogu

Looking ahead to a great athletics summer

Christine Ohuruogu, Olympic 400m champion (Getty Images)Christine Ohuruogu, Olympic 400m champion (Getty Images) © Copyright

World and Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu catches up with IAAF fans after a warm weather training camp in South Africa and a fun-filled winter season...

“Hey there,
“I’ve just returned from a 3-week training camp in South Africa where it was lovely and hot. The winter in the UK is so cold that it was nice to be able to go and do a completely different type of work.
“The winter in the UK makes training very challenging, one minute it is raining and the next it is snowing, so it is always nice to go somewhere hot and have some sun on your face, really makes you smile and makes the hard work a bit more manageable.
“Right now we’re in what we call winter training but it’s much more than just training during the winter. It’s very very long work, cardio based as opposed to very fast work. Right now we’re looking at putting the volume in for the summer.
“Since I got back from South Africa, I’ve been trying to catch up with boring things like paying bills which I couldn’t do when I was away. I’ve also done some fun things like photo shoots. In particular was an afternoon with Adidas where I had a load of photos taken with the new kit. It was great to catch up with the other British Adidas athletes, girls that I hadn't seen for ages.
“I am also very pleased with the latest Adidas women’s initiative which is being marketed worldwide. Called 'Me Myself' the campaign focuses on women competing at any level of sport, and enjoying that sense of individuality. I am glad that women are being given the positive encouragement they need to participate in sport.
“Adidas is also organizing their big photo shoot of the year with their Super Seven in Arizona and I’m really looking forward to that. For me it’s a great honour to have been chosen as one of their top faces, I’m in very good company and I’m very very happy to have been selected by them.
“Since my Olympic title I’ve been so busy I can’t even remember all the things I’ve been doing. It’s been an honouring and truly amazing time for me, my family, my friends and my coach. I would sit down on Monday and look at what the week was going to be like and it would be so mind blowing. One of the cool things I did was go on the TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The pressure was incredible, like being on the start line! I was petrified! I like to think I’m quite good at general knowledge but really some of the questions were so hard! We didn’t win a lot of money but a least we didn’t go home with nothing like some people did!
“I enjoyed being invited to the Cosmopolitan Awards, I mean Cosmopolitan, the really big Magazine! I was nominated for an award and it’s so nice to be recognized for what we do. As a sports person we’re so passionate about our sport, we live, breathe and think about it all the time so it is great that other people can appreciate and respond positively to our achievements.
“I will compete at the Birmingham Indoor meeting next week but not at the European Indoors because indoor athletics has never really been part of my track existence; it’s never been a huge feature on my calendar. I love indoors though, maybe because I am able to enjoy athletics as a spectator as opposed to a competitor! It’s a great opportunity to watch the athletes at work and how they prepare for the oncoming season. It’s also good to reignite people's interest in athletics during these quiet sporting months.
“As I stand I look at the summer season ahead and I know it’s going to be tough, but I want to savour and appreciate what the sport has to offer. The years go by so quick and one can make the mistake of forgetting how amazing the sport is, while striving for medals, personal bests and brilliant performances. I want to enjoy the sport. Definitely the focus is still there and I will always compete as well as I can but I want to enjoy these years too. There is a life out there and I want to make the most of it.
“Bye for now”