Darya Klishina

Now a 'Sports Manager', Klishina looks ahead to indoor season

Darya Klishina of Russia prepares to compete in the women's long jump final during day two  (Getty Images)Darya Klishina of Russia prepares to compete in the women's long jump final during day two (Getty Images) © Copyright

In her first IAAF Online Diary, Russian long jumper Darya Klishina talks about her recent university diploma, recalls a nice vacation in the Dominican Republic and looks forward to the IAAF World Indoor Championshipsin Istanbul.  

“Hey friends,

“I am really happy to come up with my new diary, where I can keep in touch with my fans and let you know about what is happening in my life away from the track.

“Right now I’ve just come home from my university studies. I am happy to say that on Tuesday I completed my diploma. The topic of the paper is “Professional athlete as an advertising product on the example of Darya Klishina”. So now I have a diploma in sports management!  

“Yes, maybe it sounds funny, but I was writing about myself. I described how I started working with my management team, how my image was created, how we researched our first sponsorship deals and so on. Part of the paper also gives some theory of marketing and how it generally works. I think it was a good idea to choose this topic, as I could combine my personal experience with scientific ideas, and so better understand how to use the knowledge in practice.

“Many people ask me how I combine publicity with my sports life. The answer is that for me training always comes first. I would never miss a track session for an interview or a photo shoot. I know they are also needed, but jumping is my priority.

“I even had to ask the University Master to make an exception for me and let me present my diploma in January. Normally my fellow students will do this in March, but for me that’s not an option, in the peak of the indoor season. I am happy I’ve brushed up the things with my studies now, so I can concentrate on athletics.

“Many people still ask me how I feel after having surgery on my leg, an injury which occurred during the World Championships final in Daegu. I had surgery in September, so now, after almost four months, my leg is completely okay. Sometimes when I am in hard training I tape it just to be safe, but the main thing is that the injury does not limit my training now.

“Back in September, when the stitches were removed, I travelled to the Dominican Republic. It was an unusual vacation for me – generally I prefer active style, like excursions and historical places, but this time I could not move around because of the surgery. So I just relaxed, lay on the beach, swam in the ocean, and it was also nice.

“Another fresh nice memory for me is the celebration of my birthday on 15 January. I was in Moscow with my friends, and we had a great party! They bought to me a squeezer. I laughed a lot: it’s because my friends are also athletes and take care of my health. So now I can drink fresh juices every day!

“My plan for the indoor season is still uncertain. What is sure, is that I will open my season on 28 January in Glasgow, then compete at the Russian Winter on 5 February in Moscow. If everything goes all right, I’m going to compete at the national trials. Hopefully I can make the team for the World Indoors. To compete at the World Championships is always great, and I am looking forward to Istanbul.

“Keep fingers crossed for me,”