Dayron Robles

I want to stay among the best in the world

Dayron Robles of Cuba after winning the CAC 110m Hurdles title (José Merino)Dayron Robles of Cuba after winning the CAC 110m Hurdles title (José Merino) © Copyright

Young Cuban hurdler Dayron Robles is about to make his first tests at home before starting his European tour in early June as he enters the final phase of his training towards the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro and the World Championships in Osaka. Seven weeks of training have gone perfect, as the 20-year-old tells us in his May online diary for the IAAF.
“I finished the first part of my training in mid March and the second part has gone as planned. I am into my seventh week of training, perfect. No delays. I will enter a competitive phase in June prior to the Pan American Games.

“I have increased my muscle volume, working on my strength and potency. I have gained 2-3kg of muscles, but should be around 87-88kg when I start competing. I am tall (1.90) and I have always had substantial muscle volume.

“I will do my first tests in Havana later this month during the National Championships and the Barrientos Memorial and then ready to start my European tour.

“According to my coach, Santiago Antúnez, my first competition will be in Lille, on 8 June. The Golden League kick-off event in Oslo, on 15 June, is also on the agenda as the 110m Hurdles is on the GL programme this year.

“As in the past few seasons, the Cuban national team plans to set its training base in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid.

“I plan to do 4-5 races in June and 3-5 in July before the Pan American Games. I have never raced in Brazil so I really look forward to it. After winning the CAC Games in Cartagena, I want to add another title to my CV and the Games record of 13.17 is also within our reach.

“It’s a long season and I don’t want to sacrifice my major goals this year with lots of early season races. A solid base is the key to tackle all the commitments ahead. No rush.

“Only in my second year in the national senior team I had a breakthrough 2006. I made it to the elite, but the most difficult part comes now: to stay among the world’s best.

“People keep asking me about times and I obviously want to improve and break the 13-second barrier, but more importantly, I want to be among the world’s best in any race. If my rivals push me to improve my times, it’s great.

“Apart from Liu Xiang, Ladji Doucouré and Americans Allen Johnson, Terence Trammell and Dominique Arnold, more athletes will emerge and will make the event even more competitive.

“That means I have to be very fit, both physically and mentally to continue in the elite. I anticipate many strong battles out there and the World record could well be broken this year.

“I did a standing quintuple jump test and I reached 18.70m, just like our best jumpers. I want to combine all aspects we have worked on in training to execute well in the races.

“Other than that, my family is doing well. I rest during the weekends. I stayed in Havana and called my mom on Sunday (13 May) on Mother’s Day. I celebrated the day with my aunt Mildred. I will miss my family during the European tour, but I will have them in mind and be very happy to please them with good results.

“That’s all for now. Thanks for following my career and expect good things from me. See you at the races and back here in June.

“Nos vemos (See U).”

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