LoLo Jones

‘Adding depth to her character’, Lolo ends a frustrating period quickly

Lolo Jones blasts a 12.43 PB to qualify for the 100m hurdles final (Getty Images)Lolo Jones blasts a 12.43 PB to qualify for the 100m hurdles final (Getty Images) © Copyright

After struggling to recapture her best form since her return from injury Lolo Jones blitzed to the world’s quickest time a 12.47 clocking in Rethymno, Greece last week. In her latest diary the US athlete talks about her joy and relief at producing the world-class performance after weeks of frustration.


“Who would have believed it? I’ve had such a hard time of it this season that to run such a quick time has told me my season can change in a flash from running 12.9s to 12.4s. I’ve gone from being low to high.”

“Some people have been very critical of my form in recent weeks, which has hurt, but I knew I wasn’t far away from producing a very quick time. I’ve had races where I have started well but finished poorly and races where I have started poorly but finished strongly. All I needed was to put all of the pieces in the puzzle together, which I managed to do in Crete. I didn’t feel any different to any of my other meets this season but suddenly everything came together.”

“When I crossed the finish line I was so happy. I’d just gone from the bottom of the pile to the bottom it was all a little crazy. My coach was over for three of the races and I spoke to a lot of athletes who have been through the same process of recovering from injury. I spoke to Allen Johnson, Toby Stevenson, Jenny Adams and Lashinda Demus they have all been so helpful. To relate to athletes on a different level was kind of cool. It was great to share that commonality.” 

“The performance has given me real hope and to be honest it was not even about the time or winning the race. It was simply that I experienced that one beautiful moment in my event. That is why we do track and love track. It has been a long time since I’ve felt that way. I just hope to continue to enjoy the rest of the season and make the end-of-season World Athletics Final. I think the whole experience of the last few months has added another depth to my character. Oh, and one more thing. In my last diary I wrote about struggling to secure a lane for races but after running 12.47 in Crete I don’t think this will now be a problem for the rest of the season.”


***This diary was written before the Aviva London Grand Prix. Lolo finished third in 12.71 – her second fastest time of the season.