LoLo Jones

As outdoor season begins, Jones finds time for Bobblehats and photo shoots

Lolo Jones bounces back from her Olympic disappointment to win a competitive 100m hurdles (Getty Images)Lolo Jones bounces back from her Olympic disappointment to win a competitive 100m hurdles (Getty Images) © Copyright

Just a month after ending her indoor season, Lolo Jones is keeping busy with photo shoots and promotional materials. The World indoor 60m Hurdles champion updates us on what she's been up to in here latest IAAF Online Diary.

Hi everyone,

I’m writing my latest diary piece from my home town of Des Moines, which I’m visiting for a few days. Tonight (Apr 2) I’m attending the Iowa Energy NBA development game in which free bobblehats – with an action figure of me on the side - will be handed out to the first 2000 people who attend. I’m a big fan of the Energy and while it is difficult for me to follow their fortunes, because I’m based down in Louisiana for much of the time, basketball is a game I’ve always enjoyed so it is an event I’m looking forward to.

In my last diary piece I was wrote to you before the Aviva Grand Prix in Birmingham and I’m delighted to say my indoor season ended on a real high.

I won in Birmingham in 7.82 and although I was pretty beat up after competing on the European circuit I went back home to the US and won my nation indoor title 7.84 and I pleased with how real consistent I was. After winning the US title, I then took a full week off any training and only returned to hurdle training on Monday.

I have also been made one of the Athletes of the Century by the meet director, Mike Brown, of the Drake Relays. The meet is one I love and to join a list of legends that includes the likes of Jesse Owens and Merlene Ottey is a great honour. The Drake Relays is held in Des Moines and although I haven’t decided my full competitive schedule for the coming months I intend to be at Drake Relays (Apr 22-25).

I have actually already started my campaign for the summer by running the first leg of the 4x100m relay at the LSU Relays last week. There was a lot of wind and rain at the meeting but we won the race which was fun, especially being part of the LSU Tigers old girls’ team.

I’ve also been on an Asics photo shoot for their catalogue out in St Petersburg, Florida. I always love the shoots as they are based at some gorgeous locations. They’ve held them in Colorado and there is one to come in Alaska, so it is always a real joy.

I enjoy some of the goofy photographic shots of me and one I really like is a picture of me hurdling over the photographer.

They also took some more shots of me on the highway by the beach as if I was running long distance in which they actually had to stop the traffic.

Asics always book you into an awesome hotel, where you are pampered and you can order some amazing foods from room service. Unfortunately, on this occasion I had to decline the chance to order double chocolate cake because of the close proximity to the summer season. All I can say is I just hope the next photo shoot is in the fall after the season is well and truly over.