LoLo Jones

From surfing to selling - it's been a busy off-season

Lolo Jones looks astonished at the time after her 12.29 sec windy 100m Hurdles win at US Olympic Trials (Getty Images)Lolo Jones looks astonished at the time after her 12.29 sec windy 100m Hurdles win at US Olympic Trials (Getty Images) © Copyright

Lolo Jones catches us up on what she's been up to during her brief but well-deserved holiday.

Hi again,

Refreshed after an end-of-season break it seems a long time since by last IAAF diary piece. I’ve been away for a short break to Jamaica and then to Las Vegas but my main vacation was in Brazil. We stayed on the island on Florianopolis and it was very laid back and a good place to surf. I’d never been to Brazil before and it was just what I needed, a totally relaxing holiday, after the constant flow of media demands since Beijing.

I returned to training about a week ago and, surprisingly, it has so far gone better than expected. Normally when in my off-season I’m on the couch eating junk food and watching TV for a month, but because it was Olympic year I’ve never stopped. I actually took a month and a half off which was more than usual, but I think because I was rushing around with speaking and media engagements I managed to keep the weight off and started training again having lost some weight!

I feel invigorated for the next year and I’m really looking forward to the World Championships in Berlin. Germany is one of my favourite places to run because their crowds are pretty wild and so knowledgeable about athletics.

I’ve also managed to pick up a couple of sponsors since the Olympic Games and I’m featured in a commercial for a mattress company. They have used my name to sell Low Low prices - instead of Lolo - and the commercial is going to be shown in the southern states, which I’m pretty excited about. They have also given me a beautiful mattress, which is supposed to put the air back into your body. It is worth around $10,000 and is the most expensive mattress I’ve ever had!

I’m also going to Japan in December where my sponsors, Asics, are going to mould me a specific custom made pair of Lolo shoes. I’m so excited by the project because I have really high arches and my feet are so slender and narrow people call by feet skis. The colour? Well, I don’t know yet but Asics switch up their colours from hot pink to gold, so we’ll just have to see.

As for now it is back to the hard slog of training and back out for the indoor season. I hope to start competing again in early February, although I’m undecided about whether to do the US indoor circuit for the first time or the European indoor circuit, which I love.