LoLo Jones

Great Abs cover

Lolo Jones on Runner's World Winter Cover (Freelance)Lolo Jones on Runner's World Winter Cover (Freelance) © Copyright

“Hi again,

“A new year and I can’t believe I’m already on the verge of starting my indoor campaign in Glasgow on Saturday.

“This winter has been different because I’ve done a huge amount of travelling with many promotions and speeches, although the media interest has now calmed down enough, so I can manage it. I am also pleased with what stage my hurdling is at. I feel like my rhythm is at the same stage as the middle of the last indoor season, so I’m a month ahead of schedule.

“I’m also on the cover of the latest issue of Runners’ World magazine, the first female abs to ever grace the front page – which I’m super-ecstatic about. It’s funny, I did the shoot months ago after I went on a short vacation and my abs weren’t as tight as they could have been. I was really pleased with the outcome, though because they didn’t want body builders abs they wanted a runners’ abs.  

“I have seen the magazine in the newsagent and bought two issues – but I made sure when I bought them I put them face down. The shop assistant had to turn them over to get the bar code but he had no clue, so that was a relief!

“I also went on vacation to Disneyland, California with some friends over New Year. I am a big fan of Disney I watch the Disney Channel and all the teeny bopper shows and I know all the music.

“It was pretty cool to go to Disneyland for the first time. I had been to Disneyworld but only for a track meet, so I never got the chance to try the rides. But this time I got to try all the rides.

“They simulate a lot of movies and recreated the horror house to one of my favourite movies the Nightmare Before Christmas, which was pretty cool. 

“I also met one of my favourites movie stars Adam Sandler in California. I’m a big fan of the Wedding Singer and lots of his movies, although I didn’t meet him for long and just had my picture taken with him.
“But now it is all about track and the indoor season ahead. I’m really looking forward to the European indoor season because the crowd are always amazing and because the circuit is so extensive I can really establish a rhythm.

“I ran a good indoor season last year and I just want to work on what I achieved last year and to make my start more consistent.”