Natallia Dobrynska

Dobrynska recovers from Gotzis defeat

Natallia Dobrynska of Ukraine during the Pentathlon Long Jump (Getty Images)Natallia Dobrynska of Ukraine during the Pentathlon Long Jump (Getty Images) © Copyright

Olympic Heptathlon champion Natalia Dobrynska finished only 7th in her season opening meeting in Gotzis. She decided to miss her second heptathlon of the season in Kladno in order to be in top shape for the European Championships in Barcelona.

“Hi everybody,

“Unfortunately I’ve got nothing to be proud of so far… 7th position in Gotzis is definitely not what I wanted. Although thinking realistically, maybe at that point of my preparation I could not do much better.

“I could not train 100 percent ahead of Gotzis because of a slight injury. I also started my season’s preparations rather late and lacked time for training. There were also some unbelievable things happening, for example, with my long jump. I could not believe how I could jump only 5.83m in competition. Even in trainings I did better!...

“You know, there are such moments in life when several negative factors just come together and do not leave you a chance for success. This exactly happened to me in Gotzis.

“I wanted to continue the season in Kladno, as I like this meeting, but after the first competition I changed my mind. Now I am only one month away from my main goal – the European champs in Barcelona. It’s better to focus on it and continue training. It’s most possible that I won’t do any more competitions before Barcelona.

“I am really looking forward to competing against the British Jessica Ennis again. In Gotzis she was extremely strong. She is always highly motivated, concentrated and does not show any weaknesses. I know I can not expect from her any mistakes. But after all, everybody is human. This only motivates me to train better.

“I feel alright now, although several weeks ago I was quite disappointed… It felt like I was 6 years back. Only back then I was competing so badly! I really hope this will not happen again any more.

“My main thing on the agenda away from the track now is the football World Cup. I can’t say that I am a big football fan, but of course I can’t miss the World Cup! Unfortunately Ukraine is not there as we did not qualify. Now I am just watching the game without supporting anyone.

“But closer to the play-offs I think I would choose a team for me. I want to cheer for someone who plays interesting football, someone who can make me watch. After all, it is more exciting to cheer for a team than to be just an observer.

“That’s it for now, I have to get back to training. Hope next time I will have some good news for you to share.