Sanya Richards-Ross

Richards coping with streak of bad luck

Sanya Richards puts in a late kick to win the women's 400m (Getty Images)Sanya Richards puts in a late kick to win the women's 400m (Getty Images) © Copyright
From a spectacular wedding on her 25th birthday to injuries both on and off the track, Samsung Diamond League Ambassador Sanya Richards has experienced the gamut of emotions this year. In her latest IAAF Diary entry, the 2009 World Athlete of the Year catches us up on her latest trials and tribulations.

“Based on Chinese astrology 2010 is the year of the white tiger. I'm not one that is obsessed with such things, but when it fits it fits!

“For most, this year may be considered a bad year or a jinx and nothing describes my season any better.

“Besides enjoying the happiest day of my life on my 25th birthday, I have been plagued with flares from my Behcets disease, struggled with injuries, and have had unfortunate mishaps that have resulted in me having to take the remainder of the season off to recover.

“After hurting my quad in April, I doubled my efforts to rehab and pushed my training to be prepared for US Nationals. I went there in hopes that the three rounds would be exactly what I needed to get my fast twitch muscles firing and ready to compete with the best again. After running the semi-finals I knew my leg wasn't where I wanted it to be but still wanted to give it a shot. Coach Hart felt differently and insisted I give myself more time to heal.

“The very next day I went to the stadium to sit with Coach and discuss the remainder of the season. I fell down the stairs, severely twisting my ankle and bruising my tailbone. Talk about BAD LUCK!

“Now instead of leaving Nationals a little closer to feeling like my old self, I'd needed more X-Rays and more time off.

“I have been more than blessed in my career thus far so I cannot complain. I'm disappointed everytime I see a meet that I would usually compete in, but I'm also encouraged about the next three years!

“I've received many emails and messages from supporters and I thank you all for your concern. I will definitely be back better next year.

“The best is yet to come.

Until next time,

Sanya Richards-Ross