Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce World and Olympic champion Shelly

Hearing 'You're Out' for the first time

Shelly Ann Fraser at the pre-meet press conference in Rome (Bob Ramsak)Shelly Ann Fraser at the pre-meet press conference in Rome (Bob Ramsak) © Copyright

Ann Fraser who was disqualified for false starting from last night's Diamond League 100m race in Rome, shares with IAAF fans her first reaction and feelings...

“You’re out!!!!!

“That's what I heard today, for the first time in my career, sad, yes, cry a little.

“Let's recap. I arrived in Shanghai after a long journey from Jamaica and I was so tired, but was ready to compete, my first Diamond League!!

“Did all my usual stuff and was ready to run. The day and time came to run and I got myself in the mood, but I was still tired, I then said to coach 'I felt flat and tired' he of course said to me don't worry about it.

“I went out and I came 2nd and in my mind wow!!! The crowd was great but it just didn't happen the way I wanted but not everything does. All in all I enjoy my first experience in the Diamond League and one to remember and made me excited about what was to come.

“So onward I went, ready for the next continent Ostrava in Czech Republic, while there I practiced and started to work on what coach Frano wanted me to do during my race.

“So in dreadful conditions in Ostrava I ran my season’s best, was excited about the race because I actually did what coach wanted me to do in the second part of the race.

“With that said, let’s just say it’s gonna be an interesting season, with Gods help and me being healthy. Home sweet home. Lol Jamaica right? No!!!

“My second home is Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy, it reminds me so much of home in Jamaica. Hotel Frai Pini is our base while in Europe, I was gonna be there for 6 days, for training and the food. Finally gotten some time to practice and also sleep, eat, internet and most important school.

“Oh yes!! I actually have summer school which I am doing over the internet with my two lecturers, how fun lol. Well I got to do what I have to right.

“I enjoyed every moment of being in Italy but it was time to go. Rabat in Morocco was my stop before my next Diamond League in Rome. I went with my manager Mr Laidlaw and my teammate Kaliese Spencer but without coach.

“So I guess my manager was going to be coach for a few days. So while in Morocco I noticed it had some similarities to Jamaica and I welcome the opportunity to see new places.

“Hotel was lovely and nice weather. It was race day and did my usual warm up, without anyone telling, what u think u doing? Lol.

“My race was executed poorly even though I won, so I guess I needed the, ‘what u think u doing’, after all, what was I doing.

“So with these meets out of the way and I walked away with different perspective but was quite optimistic it would get better as the season progresses.

“It was time for my 2nd Diamond League meeting in Roma!!!! Rome is one of my favourite meets, mainly because of the food, organizing and of course the exciting escorts from the polizia (police) to go training or to the meet itself. It’s fun to get some adrenaline before practice, from these skilled drivers.

“So I saw coach of course and the first word he said was: "it seems to me what we practice in training is rubbish, so you decided not to do the rubbish I told you and prefer doing your rubbish."

“I wanted to smile but could not. This was because he was right. So I began practice with the intention to follow instructions and I felt really good with practice over the two days. 

“So with this being my second Diamond League it was time to leave diamonds on the track or so I thought. As usual the crowd was great, nice weather and high energy.

“So I was looking forward to the exciting line up with my competitors. Well let's just say, they finished without me. I was shocked from my false start, could find so many faults but knew that ultimately as an athlete it’s my fault.

“I shed a tear, was a bit embarrassed but upon my return to the warm up track with tears flowing my coach said to me ‘why are u crying’. Then he said, when things like this happen it teaches us the value of winning and it’s not my last race I got many more.

“I just said it happens to the best of us, but what a rule. My next Diamond League is at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon so with this behind me I am now looking forward to the rest of my season.

“I got my cobwebs and mistakes out so it’s time to press on the gas.

“Until next time, ciao.”