Tyson Gay

Fun trip to Las Vegas and New York before resuming training

Tyson Gay en route to his 9.79 victory in Brussels (Jiro Mochizuki)Tyson Gay en route to his 9.79 victory in Brussels (Jiro Mochizuki) © Copyright

After concluding a season which saw him run the equal fastest time of the year, beat World record holder Usain Bolt and run the third leg of the Continental Cup 4x100m winning team, Samsung Diamond League Ambassador Tyson Gay is healthy and ready to resume training. But before he can get his head back to track and field, he has planned fun trips to Las Vegas and New York City…

“By the end of summer track seasons I can’t wait for my break from racing and training and travel. Then after a few weeks of vacation I am all ready to get back to training. The time away is good but this time I am already thinking about 2011. I didn’t get to do all my usual fall base work last year because of my surgery. It was this week in October last year that I went to Philadelphia to have my leg/groin fixed. It is kind of nice to feel healthy and rested instead of sore as I get ready to start it up.

“My big project over the break so far has been to buy a new house here in Florida. Since I moved here from Arkansas a few years ago, I had not really seen Florida as a real home so I’m trying to change that. My first house here is a place in Winter Garden. Now I just need to decorate it. I am better at sprinting than I am at decorating...so this could take a while.

“Once I start training, I want to avoid travelling as much as possible so I have a few things planned before I do that first workout. 

“This weekend I’m heading to Las Vegas with some other athletes. Usually when we are together it is on the summer circuit and it is all about track business. This trip will give us a chance to hang out and just relax. Ok – So I don’t drink alcohol and I’m not a big gambler. But that won’t stop me from having fun.

“Next, I am going to go to New York City. I gotta check out Haile running the ING NYC Marathon. There is zero chance I will ever run a marathon but my adidas team-mate Haile is the man and I want to see him tear up the streets of The Big Apple. 26 miles is the longest event in the Olympics and the 100m is the shortest so we don’t have a lot in common. But Haile has the heart of a lion. I respect that in an athlete and I respect him.”