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Another 19m throw for Valerie Vili in Shizuoka (Kazutaka Eguchi (Agence SHOT))Another 19m throw for Valerie Vili in Shizuoka (Kazutaka Eguchi (Agence SHOT)) © Copyright

My training this month has seen a really “full on” schedule with a lot going on. I have been spending a lot of time in the weights room and out throwing. 

All the hard work in the weights room has been especially pleasing for me as I have recorded improvements in several key areas over the last month. 

I really feel like things are getting back on track (towards my goals) and it's getting real busy but I am loving it!

This month I decided to stay at home and get in this important training rather than going to the two competitions that I had originally targeted.

I’m also pleased because it gave me more time at home to spend with my family before I head away in preparation for the World Championships, and to some European competitions afterwards.

At this stage I will be at home until the 18th of July when I will be heading to Townsville for a competition. This will be a good test of the likely conditions that we will face in Osaka a month or so later.

New Zealand athletes are all required to prove readiness for the World Championships in the weeks leading into the competition, so this will be an ideal opportunity for me to do so. 

On 4th August the team gathers and we all head to Cairns for a training camp and acclimatization. The team atmosphere has been really fantastic in the last few championship teams I have been involved with.

I really enjoy being in the team situation where everyone is really dedicated and focused on succeeding, and just gets on with the business that they need to get done.

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