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Valerie Vili of New Zealand celebrates winning bronze in the women's Shot Put (Getty Images)Valerie Vili of New Zealand celebrates winning bronze in the women's Shot Put (Getty Images) © Copyright

As Valerie Adams, the Shot Put World bronze medallist continues her winning streak with a 19.02m performance in Shizuoka, she shares with the IAAF readers some very sad news…

On the success of Melbourne training camp
“I’m really pleased I was able to get away to Melbourne for the training camp. It gave me some focused time with my coach Kirsten, and I’m pretty happy with what I achieved in the testing sessions. Overall, it was very successful.”

On her competition
“I tried my best, but I wasn’t terribly happy with my throws. It was just one of those days when I couldn’t put all the little things together that we’ve been working on in practice,” said the 2007 World Shot Put leader modestly of her 19.02m winning throw in Shizuoka, Japan on 30 April.  “I’m still waiting to hear about my competitions for June… I’ll just have to wait and see”

On some sad family news
“When I left to go up to Japan, I knew my Dad hadn’t been well. We had an agreement to watch The Godfather 3 DVD once I got back, (as we had watched the first two before I left)”. 
“I got a call coming home from Japan asking me to come down to Rotorua immediately to see Dad. As soon as I stepped off the plane I took off for the two-hour journey by car. I was pretty lucky that I got to see him again as he passed away shortly after I arrived.” 

“It’s terribly hard to talk about and I’m still struggling to come to grips with the loss, especially now both my parents are gone. I guess I’m lucky that I know my parents are still watching me with pride. 

“My training group, and my husband Bertrand especially, have been great though and are helping through the tough times.”

On her training
“The weather hasn’t been too bad since I’ve been home… thank goodness!  I’m just not looking forward to winter… I just hate getting out and training in the wet and cold of Auckland, but it’s got to be done if I want to be successful later in the year at the World Championships... 

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