Valerie Adams

Adams is busy studying, busy training – IAAF online diaries

Valerie Vili improves on her own Commonwealth shot record (Getty Images)Valerie Vili improves on her own Commonwealth shot record (Getty Images) © Copyright

World and Olympic champion Valerie Adams is recharging batteries before embarking on her next series of Brazil this time.

"Hi All,
"For me April is normally a month spent in hard training after the New Zealand summer season has finished.  It has been no different this year.

"Training has been going really well... hard work but enjoyable at the same time.  I continue to see improvement which is really encouraging leading into more important events later in the year.
"On the study front things have been pretty full on this month with assignments due in for tech and meetings left, right and centre, not to mention my heavy training load.  But I love being busy, it makes the time pass quicker until my next trip. 
"At the moment I am making landscape models of a backyard for part of my course assessment.  This means that the house is a mess while I am doing this. 

"I love everything about the subjects I am doing and the practical work involved so I definitely know that I chose the right course.  In last month’s diary I was travelling a lot with meets at the start of the semester, but I’ve put in the work and managed to catch up on everything now.

"I am off to Brazil in two weeks time to compete over there at the Grand Prix events which I am looking forward to.  There should be sun and warm weather... The weather in New Zealand hasn't been too bad but we are heading into our winter, so going to somewhere warmer would be nice.

"My husband Bertrand is also going away in May.  He is off to France to compete at an Inter-club meeting so he also has been training pretty hard.

"That is about all that has been happening for me,

"Chat to you all next time