Veronica Campbell-Brown

After second 200 silver I'm looking forward to next year's Diamond League

Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica in the 2009 Berlin World Champs in the women's 100m (Getty Images)Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica in the 2009 Berlin World Champs in the women's 100m (Getty Images) © Copyright

August came and went in a flash for Olympic two-time 200m champion Veronica Campbell Brown and while she did not successfully defend her 100m title in Berlin, the 27-year-old was able to shrug off two lengthy injury induced layoffs and win her second 200m silver at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin.

“August, what a month! It came and went in a flash, however, it was not fast enough to escape my enjoying my first extended stay and competition in Germany.

“Over the years, I have had so much fan mail from Germany yet I have never competed there, it was therefore a thrill for me to finally grace a track there.

“Prior to settling in the German capital for the World Championships, team Jamaica had its camp in Herzogenarauch or "Herzog" as it is commonly referred.

“Incidentally, it was in Herzog as well that Jamaica had its pre-Olympic camp in 2004. With minimal distractions, it is quite useful a place to prepare.
“From there it was on to Berlin, by now you know the results - a 100m fourth place as well as my second consecutive 200m silver medal at the World Champs.

“I did not participate in the 4x100m and a lot has been made of that, incorrectly I might add. I have however put that aspect of Berlin behind me except to say that my boundless devotion to Jamaica should never be questioned and I am happy Jamaica won the 4x100m being especially glad for “Simmy” and Kerron winning their first ever senior global gold medals.

“The season is winding down and I have two more races on the slate. Both will be in Asia, one is in Shanghai (one of my favourite places to compete) and Daegu (the site for the next World Champs).

“Shanghai will be part of the new Diamond League in 2010 and I am looking forward to that new athletic series.

“Speaking of "looking forward", the off -season is just ahead and I eagerly await that as well. I will be launching my book "A Better You, Inspirations for Life's Journey" in Jamaica as well as a continuation of my "giving back" to assist in the betterment of the lives of children in Jamaica.

“Until next time”