Veronica Campbell-Brown Busy on the track and off, two

Campbell-Brown busy, on the track and off

Veronica Campbell Brown (centre in hat) surrounded by students at St Andrew Technical while on a visit to Kingston in January 2012 (Veronica Campbell Brown)Veronica Campbell Brown (centre in hat) surrounded by students at St Andrew Technical while on a visit to Kingston in January 2012 (Veronica Campbell Brown) © Copyright

Busy on the track and off, two-time Olympic and reigning World 200m champion Veronica Campbell Brown brings us up to date on her busy month that has just passed - and a packed calendar it was!

"Hello Fans,

"London, Jamaica and New York, in twenty-eight days I found the time to be in all these places during the month of January.

"Now I would be the last to complain as the trips were all for good causes.

"I went to London, I am hoping of course this was the first of more visits to the city this year, to participate in pre-Olympic promotions for my primary sponsor Adidas. The chance to preview some of the brand’s footwear and clothing was fantastic. I found the winter temperatures in the English capital unusually mild and exciting.

"I got a chance to see the main stadium and other competition venues as well as the Olympic village on a bus tour through “Olympic Park."

"I also visited Westfield mall, which is walking distance away from the Olympic Park. I got the opportunity to meet, sign autographs and take pictures with some of the youngsters who will serve as volunteers during the Games.

"Often you hear horror stories of a mad rush by host countries to get the facilities ready but London seems to be on track!

"I traveled to Jamaica as a nominee for the nation’s highest annual sports award. I was given the nod by the selectors which I consider an honor finishing ahead of a bunch of ladies who by their 2011 contributions placed Jamaica solidly at the forefront in sporting disciplines such as cricket, boxing and of course athletics.

"While in Jamaica I took time out to visit with one of the scholarship recipients from the Veronica Campbell-Brown Foundation, Terry-Shanice Matthias at St Andrew Technical High in Kingston.

"I felt so privileged that I was able to not just put a smile on her face but to also meet her appreciative mother.

"The Foundation has a mission to assist in the education of girls throughout their high school careers via scholarships and well as to engage young ladies via a mentorship program.

"I was not able to stay in Jamaica as long as I would have wanted to, as I had to prepare for my initial indoor competition for the 2012 season at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

"Unseasonably warm weather and an unusual event, the 50m, greeted me there. I was satisfied with my performance there and must say that the support from the crowd was simply unbelievable. New Yorkers (especially the Jamaican contingent there) sure love their track and field!

"As a UNESCO Champion for Sport Ambassador, I was quite pleased to recently read that the city of Doha that has recently bid to host an Olympic Games, on January 22-24 at the Museum of Islamic Art hosted the inaugural conference on the role of women in sport in the Middle East and the Arab countries.

"The event was held under the patronage of Sheikha Jawaher Bint Hamad Bin Suhaim Al-Thani, a gentleman I had the privilege of meeting last November while lending my support to the Doha 2017 World Outdoor Championship bid.

"I am very passionate about the need for more visibility and mainstreaming of women in sports so this must surely be seen as a step in the right direction for that region.

"Thanks for reading!"