Veronica Campbell-Brown

Campbell-Brown settling into new surroundings

Two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell Brown at Bryce Primary school (Freelance)Two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell Brown at Bryce Primary school (Freelance) © Copyright
Having made the move from her home base in central Florida to Georgia, two-time Olympic 200m champion and former World 100m winner Veronica Campbell Brown, is settling into her new surroundings.

“I am fully back in training now and so far things are progressing well. I am adjusting and adapting to my new programme and looking forward to 2010. We have a training group that is very serious about practice and we all motivate each other especially when the training would get the better of us.

“In addition to training I have been doing a bit of traveling. I was in Jamaica recently to conduct two book signings for my first book ‘A Better You – Inspirations for Life’s Journey’.

“The book signings were done in the two major cities in Jamaica those being Kingston (the capital) and Montego Bay (Jamaica’s second city). They went well and I have gotten good reviews. Currently, the book is being carried by one of the major bookstores on the island.

“While in Jamaica, I also took time out to visit a couple of primary schools, Bryce Primary (the primary school of my manager) and Troy Primary (my primary school).

“My manager accompanied me and we distributed sporting goods and cookery items to the boys and girls there.

“It is the intention of our group (On Track Management) to give back to the primary schools that each group member attended as there is a desperate need for items at these schools and we the fortunate must take the lead in assisting our children as they represent our future.

“I am still getting used to my new location (Georgia) but must say I am settling in nicely so far.

“Omar (my husband) and I like it here and we spent Thanksgiving with our training group. On that day (November 26th) we took time out to pray together, eat (of course) and just have fun playing board games and watching television. Omar won the domino game and (400m runner) Shereefa Lloyd was the monopoly winner.

“Speaking of winners, let me take time out to say congratulations to Usain and Sanya for their IAAF “Athlete of the Year” titles."

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