Veronica Campbell-Brown

Impressed by Koreans

Veronica Campbell on her way to 100m victory at the 2010 Osaka Grand Prix – IAAF World Challenge (Yohei KAMIYAMA/Agence SHOT)Veronica Campbell on her way to 100m victory at the 2010 Osaka Grand Prix – IAAF World Challenge (Yohei KAMIYAMA/Agence SHOT) © Copyright

Travelling to the Far East where she took part several competitions as well as being hosted by a four-time Japanese Olympian at his training camp, were the highlights of Veronica Campbell Brown in May.

A surprise package on her birthday, May 15th from her husband was also a welcome distraction from the training and competition.
“My outdoor season really picked up once the month of May rolled around.

“Kingston was my first stop and there I competed in the 200m race which I won. I was very impressed by the spectator turn out which reminded me of my visit there in March to watch the high school championship.

“Clearly, local support for our wonderful sport is as world class as our athletic talent!

“Osaka, Japan holds a special place in my heart. It was there that I won my first senior global 100m gold medal. 

“I had a most enjoyable time in Japan and this enjoyment went beyond my winning the 100m there. 

“I was hosted by Osaka Gas post competition and they graciously provided me with training facilities and the best of Japanese hospitality.

“Osaka Gas is the employer of Olympic medalist Nobuharu Asahara and I got a chance to meet him and his wonderful wife and children Tiger and Nene.

“‘Nobu’ was kind enough to have me attend his training camp and practice with his eager group of over seventy (70) kids. It was an experience I will never forget!

“From Osaka I went to Daegu, Korea the site of the 2011 World Championships. 

“I was extremely impressed with the warmth and hospitality of the Koreans and left there with the distinct feeling that they will be excellent hosts, come next year, of our sports big event!

“On a personal note, while in Daegu, I celebrated my birthday and was pleasantly surprised by two dozen red roses showing up in my room courtesy of my husband Omar. Of course, I also got in a bit of shopping!

“I am back in training preparing for the June portion of my competition schedule.  My training mate Dexter Lee ran a 100m personal best (10.20 seconds) in Ostrava and I was very happy for him as he is quickly maturing into the professional aspect of athletics.

“Until next time.”