Veronica Campbell-Brown

Pleased with 100m PB, and World Cup predictions

Veronica Campbell-Brown beats Shelly-Ann Fraser and Carmelita Jeter in the 100m at the Prefontaine Classic (Kirby Lee)Veronica Campbell-Brown beats Shelly-Ann Fraser and Carmelita Jeter in the 100m at the Prefontaine Classic (Kirby Lee) © Copyright
July 2010 was an outstanding month for Veronica Campbell-Brown who after five years managed to lower her personal best in the 100m from 10.85 to a world-leading 10.78 while winning the Prefontaine Classic  - Samsung Diamond League on her first appearance in Eugene, Oregon.
Campbell-Brown, who is also the current world season leader in the 200m (21.98 in New York), tried her hands at predicting FIFA World Cup football results and is awaiting pay out from her bets.
"Hi everyone!
"No, this has nothing to do with track and field, rather World Cup football. Our group had a bet as to which team would win and Spain defeated Holland (Shereefa Lloyd’s pick) in the finals.

"I enjoyed the few games that I was able to watch inclusive of the finals and in addition to Spain, must give credit to South Africa for the tremendous job they did hosting the competition. Now it is time for me to collect on my bet.. LOL

"The month of July went well for me on the track. For the last five years I have been trying to lower my personal best in the 100m and despite my best efforts (which I think was Shanghai 2008) I just could not get below 10.85 seconds.

"Who would have thought that it would finally come at a venue I was visiting for the first time, Eugene, Oregon?

"My training had gone quite well and I knew I was ready to compete at an optimum level. The competition was fierce, the weather was perfect and the crowd was reminiscent of those seen in Europe, finally a new personal best.  I must also say thanks to the meet organisers who did their best to ensure comfort and performance.

"I would like to speak on a topic that my fans have been bombarding me on with regards to my rare presence in the Diamond League series of meetings.

"No, I am not injured, though I did pick up a slight niggle in my hamstring just after landing in Monaco for the Hercules Meeting last week.

"No, I was not made or asked to be an ambassador so I can only compete when and where I am invited. Of course, the invitation has to be favorable as well.

"I enjoy competing anywhere and have taken my talent to places far and wide. I have enjoyed the few Diamond League stops I have had and while wishing the concept the best, will continue to await those invitations.

"I must take this time again to say congratulations to my training mate Dexter Lee who retained his 100m title at the World Junior Championships. Despite his teenage years it is clear Dexter is a natural at what he is doing.