Veronica Campbell-Brown

VCB back in training

Solid 100m outing for Veronica Campbell-Brown in Zagreb (Zagreb organisers)Solid 100m outing for Veronica Campbell-Brown in Zagreb (Zagreb organisers) © Copyright

Although she could not compete at the recent Kingston Invitational, Veronica Campbell Brown is back in training and looking forward to opening her season in Carson.

"It’s now May, therefore, the full force of the outdoor season is upon us.

"One month to the Jamaican Trials and then on to the IAAF World Championships inBerlin. As you may have read, I have had a setback in my preparation as I had a severe inflammation of a toe on my left foot, which basically hobbled me for the better part of five weeks.

"I was given clearance to resume training last week Thursday and now I am moving forward positively anticipating the outdoor season.

"Unfortunately, my fans in Jamaica will have to wait until June (at the National Championships) to see me compete as I was not quite ready for the Jamaica International Invitational last weekend in Kingston .

"I really enjoy this meet and I always pencil it in on my schedule so obviously, I am very disappointed.

"Although I was not able to run, I was still there to lend my support to this meet and was very impressed with the early season showing by all the athletes.

"I will now open my season at the Adidas Track Classic in Carson , California on May 17th and will then defend my 100m title at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York before the Jamaican Trials.

"There are other positives for me as Omar's recovery though problematic is showing good signs and he too may soon be back on the track competing.

(Her husband Commonwealth Champion Omar Brown had surgery on his ankle late last year.)

"My manager’s wife, Juanita shared with me a new recipe, grilled eggplant and I enjoyed preparing it and of course Omar and I enjoyed eating it.

"Speaking of eating, during the Easter season it is a Jamaican tradition for us to eat spiced bun with cheddar cheese. Although I am in training mode, I did take time out to take a nibble!

"My first book “A Better You, Inspirations for Life’s Journey” has been a source of encouragement to me during my recovery. I call your attention again to my website, here you can get a copy of the book as well as get updates on what is happening in my world.

"Until next time,"