Veronica Campbell-Brown

VCB returns and goes twice under 11 seconds

Veronica Campbell-Brown training at home (Getty Images)Veronica Campbell-Brown training at home (Getty Images) © Copyright

The last month has been an eventful one for Olympic 200m champion, Veronica Campbell Brown; getting back to competitive racing after an injury lay-off, being surprised on her birthday with breakfast in bed by her husband Omar and experiencing her first live in-studio television interview.

“Hello again!

“As the season progress the month seems to go so quickly! So much has happened since I last greeted you. I was given the full clearance to up my training intensity and begin competing.

“I had my first race on May 23rd in a low keyed meet in Clerwater, Florida and was quite satisfied with my performance, I ran 10.81 seconds (wind aided) which is actually the fastest I have run under any condition. My coach Lance Brauman was satisfied as well.

“ I then went to New York for my second race, the Reebok Grand Prix on May 30th (wish it was for shopping!) and there I finished third, again I am satisfied as the race revealed to me things that I need to address as I prepare for the rest of the season. Chances are that I will get another race in prior to the Jamaican National Championships which is at the end of June.

“Whilst in New York, I got a chance to visit a television studio (WPIX) for a live interview. It was my first time sitting in a studio during a live broadcast and I was quickly aware of the similarities between our sport and live television broadcast as it relates to the importance of being timely. Every detail was time sensitive and everything seemingly moves so fast.

“My birthday was mid-May and my husband, Omar, surprised me with breakfast in bed. I was served the national dish of Jamaica, ackee and cod fish. I wish I could have more than one birthday per year!

“My track idol Merlene Ottey was also here in Orlando during this time so the day was a memorable one!

“I am looking forward to the rest of the 2009 season, competing in Europe and Asia and spending time in Greece where my group maintain it’s summer training base.

“Until next time,”