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ATC Boulouris (FRA)

Specialities: Sprints, Hurdles, Long Jump

Coaches: Magali Brisseau, Gerard Viallette

Facilities: Stadium, 2 indoor halls, 2 gymnasiums, weight lifting facilities and excellent throwing facilities

Accommodation: On-site residential accommodation

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: golf, tennis, beach volley ball, jogging

Comments: This centre is set in 80 hectares of the most beautiful countryside, close to the beach, where one can enjoy long hikes and runs over the undulating landscape


  • Director Daniel GOURY
  • Coach Gerard VIALLETTE
  • Coach Magali BRISSEAU
  • Administrator Alice HADJOU
  • Address C.R.E.P.S. SUD EST site de Boulouris 346, Bd des Mimosas BP 212 Saint-Raphaël FRA
  • Telephone +33 4 94 40 27 40
  • Fax +33 4 94 95 86 69
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Debrecen (HUN)

Specialities: Sprints/Hurdles, Middle/Long Distance, High Jump, Pole Vault Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Hammer, Decathlon

Coaches and Specialities:

Laszlo Donka: Youth

Csaba Giczei: Sprints/Hurdles

Gabriella Perenyi: Youth

Laszlo Suba: Youth

Robert Szabo: Triple and High Jump

Facilities: 8-lane running track, large grass field for Hammer and Discus, modern weight lifting room.

Accomodation: Double rooms with bathrooms in the Training Centre, appropriate meals for athletes are provided in the nearby restaurant

 Price: 30 USD Basic price (depending on level of accommodation, full board)

Other Facilities: Excellent medical services which include 24-hour emergency care, stress studies in laboratories and on the field, physiotherapy and regeneration facilities.

Comments: An opportunity for athletes to train in this modern athletics stadium in the beautiful surroundings of Debrecen, venue of the 2nd IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics in 2001.


  • Director Andras BECSKY
  • Coach Robert SZABO
  • Coach Laszlo SUBA
  • Coach Gabriella PERENYI
  • Coach Csaba GICZEI
  • Coach Laszlo DONKA
  • Address Olah Gabor u.5 Debrecen HUN
  • Telephone +36 52 514 400
  • Fax +36 52 514 418
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Donetsk (UKR)

Specialities: Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump

Coaches & Specialities:

Eugeniy Volobuev:  Pole Vault

Nikolay Kozlov:       Pole Vault

Arkadiy Shkvyra:     Pole Vault

Alexander Simahin: Pole Vault

Viktor Heighfets:     Long Jump

Facilities: Indoor and outdoor training facilities, gymnasium.

Accommodation: Rooms and catering provided at the Hotel “Kiev”

Price: 30 USD Basic price for I person (full board)

Other Facilities: Pool, sauna, medical centre and regular sporting tournaments.

Comments: The Centre is situated just 5 minutes (by car) from the Hotel and many talented Ukrainian athletes, such as Pole Vault Junior World Champion Maksym Mazurik and Natalya Kysch (Pole Vault 5-th place at the World Junior Championships), train here. Other notable athletes are Matienko Artyom (Pole Vault), Saladuha Olga (Triple Jump), Stanislav Likember (Long Jump) and Zuskov Vladimir (Long Jump).


  • Director Tatyana KLEVAKINA
  • Coach Sergey SIMAHIN
  • Coach Alexander SIMAHIN
  • Coach Nikolay KOZLOV
  • Coach Viktor HEIGHFETS
  • Coach Anatoliy BOYKO
  • Address 3, st. Stadionnaya, Manezh "Donetsk" Donetsk UKR
  • Telephone +380 62 305 28 04 +380 62 335 40 41 +38(050)347 37 19
  • Fax +380 62 342 09 48
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Kiev (UKR)

Specialities: Shot Put, Discus, Hammer, Javelin, Race Walking

Coaches & Specialities

Evgeniy Karsac:  Shot Put, Discus

Dmitriy Kovtsun: Hammer, Discus

Artem Rybanko: Hammer, Javelin

Anayoliy Solomin:Race Walking

Facilities: There are excellent outdoor training facilities, especially for the throwing events. There is also a large indoor complex comprising several halls for physical training, gymnastics and wrestling.

Accommodation: Comfortable accommodation is provided.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board).

Other Facilities: There is a medical centre and rehabilitation hall available. Opportunities for other sports include basketball, football, judo and boxing.

Comments: ATC Kiev offers first class training facilities plus a summer house near the lake and beach for relaxation.


  • Coach Anayoliy SOLOMIN
  • Coach Artem RYBANKO
  • Coach Dmitriy KOVTSYN
  • Coach Evgeniy KARSAC
  • Administrator Oleg KHOTENIUK
  • Address State Olympic Training & Sport Centre Highway Stolichnoe 19 Kiev UKR
  • Telephone + 380 44 259 2031 + 380 44 259 2274
  • Fax + 380 44 259 2623
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Kuala Lumpur (MAS)

Specialities: Sprints/Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps

Facilities: The centre is ideally located next to a ‘world class’ stadium, equipped with all the latest equipment and automation. The stadium possesses a 9 lane tartan track suitable for high level competition.  For training, there is a 400 metre synthetic track and a 6 metre wide 60 metre warm up track, both within walking distance of the main stadium.

The National Sports Institute is also located within the sports complex. The Institute is equipped with the latest technology namely, the Sports Medical Clinic, medical laboratory, radiology unit, physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation gymnasium, conditioning gymnasium, biomechanics hall, training hall, physiological laboratory, nutrition facilities, sports technology and sports massage and sauna.

Accommodation: The sports complex has an in-house lodging facility composed of three fully air conditioned buildings built in a green environment, participants will feel relaxed and healthy.  Participants can easily access all training facilities from here. We can offer sumptuous Malaysian cuisine or home cooked food of the participants choice. 

Price: 30 USD Basic price (depending on level of accommodation, full board).

Other Facilities: For recreation there are tennis courts, an exercise hall, a pavilion, a football field and TV rooms.

Comments: The entire centre has been designed and built to provide almost all the necessary facilities, without the need to venture outside the complex.


  • General ManagerMr Latchumanan MANICKAM
  • Address c/o Malaysia Athletic Federation 2.10.12 Aras 2, Stadium Nasional Kompleks Sukan Negara,Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur MAS
  • Telephone + 603 8994 1880
  • Fax + 603 8994 1634
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Kuortane (FIN)-Kuortane Sports Institute

Specialities: Javelin throw, Hammer throw, Pole vault, Combined events

Coaches & Specialities

Eduard Hamalainen: Combined Events

Pavel Hamalainen: Combined Events

Mika Hormalainen: Decathlon

Kari Ihalainen: Javelin

Hannu Kangas: Javelin

Mikko Latvala: Pole Vault

Petteri Piironen: Javelin

Arto Rinta-Aho: Hammer


Outdoor: Athletics Stadium with a 6 lane running track, an 8 lane sprinting straight (Novotan), a large grass field for throwing events and areas for jumping events and many jogging/running tracks and trails.

Indoor: Track and field hall (Novotan CC and Mondo) with excellent areas for throwing and jumping events, 3 well-equipped gyms/weight lifting rooms.

Accommodation: There is the capacity for over 400 people (full board) on the training centre campus. There are single and double rooms, rooms for 3 people or apartments for 4-5 people. Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided as a Scandinavian buffet every day.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board).

Other Facilities: Testing and consultancy centre, recovery centre, indoor swimming pool, saunas, physiotherapy, massage, laboratory, meeting rooms, area for apparatus gymnastics, wrestling area, courts for volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, squash and beachvolley, football and Finnish baseball grounds, archery and shooting areas, ice hall, indoor golf training facility, 9-hole golf course, cafeteria, kiosk and after May 2005 there will also be a bowling hall and internet café.

Comments: The Kuortane Training Centre offers first-class training facilities and high-quality coaching and knowhow, which have so far been used by numerous elite Finnish and foreign athletes. The centre is also a forerunner in the development of practical sports training and has excellent facilities for education and development services. And all this in the middle of the safe and peaceful Finnish countryside, on the campus area, where everything is located within walking distance.


  • DirectorMr. Tapio KORJUS
  • CoachMr. Arto RINTA-AHO
  • CoachMr. Petteri PIIRONEN
  • Coach Mikko LATVALA
  • CoachMr. Hannu KANGAS
  • CoachMr. Kari IHALAINEN
  • Coach Mika HORMALAINEN
  • CoachMr. Pavel HAMALAINEN
  • CoachMr Eduard HAMALAINEN
  • AdministratorMs. Maarit LAITINEN
  • Address PO Box 49 Kuortane FIN
  • Telephone + 358 6 516 6268
  • Fax +358 6 516 6229
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Muscat (OMA)

Specialities: Sprints/Hurdles, Middle/Long Distance

Coaches & Specialities:

Mohamed Al Hooti

Zbynek Kaluzik

Fahad Al Mashaikhi

Skoumal Andras Odon

Pozdnyakov Vyacheslav

Klara Woth

Facilities: The Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex comprises an international standard athletics track (8 lane) and excellent track and field facilities.

Accommodation: The complex can accommodate up to 160 guests in 57 twin and single rooms. In addition there a number of good hotels located less than 1km from the complex.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: There is a Sports Medicine Centre, a gymnasium and sauna and an international sized swimming pool available for use.

Comments: The complex is set in a beautiful location in the mountains which makes it an ideal setting for training especially for middle and long distance running.


  • DirectorMr. Majid Said AL BUSAFI
  • Coach Klara WOTH
  • Coach Pozdnyakov VYACHESLAV
  • Coach Skoumal Andras ODON
  • Coach Fahad Al MASHAIKHI
  • Coach Zbynek KALUZIK
  • Address Oman Olympic Committee & Sportts Assoc. 7th Floor P.C:112 Muscat OMA
  • Telephone +968 24492129 +968 24493473
  • Fax +968 24491148
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Nassau (BAH)


  • Director Franklin`Pancho' RAHMING
  • Address PO Box SS-5517 Nassau BAH
  • Telephone + 242 325 4433
  • Fax + 242 325 4433
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Qatar (QAT)


  • Address Aspire Academy PO Box 22287 Doha QAT
  • Telephone +974 44 13 61 44
  • Fax +974 44 13 60 60
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Salé (MAR)

Specialities: Middle/Long Distance, Marathon, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw Hurdles.

Coaches: Abderrahim Rhefir, Hicham Moufti, Mohammed Zaazoui, Majid Brouzyne, Abdeljalil Bencheikh

Facilities: Athletics Stadium with a 6 lane running track and 8 lane sprinting track. There is also an indoor sports hall and fully equipped gymnasium and weight lifting room. There are also many kilometres of forest tracks for cross county running.

Accommodation: There are 16 buildings with a total of 320 beds, single and double room available. All accommodation is within easy walking distance of the training facilities. The restaurant can provide special diets for athletes.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board).

Other Facilities: Well equipped medical centre, olympic sized swimming pool, sauna, conference rooms, internet facilities, television, rugby and football fields, and tennis courts. The centre is a two hour drive from the high-altitude training centre in the town of Ifrane (possibility of use of minibus for transport to centre).

Comments: The ATC Morocco offers first class training and coaching facilities set in superb forests, perfect for distance running. The centre is a 15 minute drive from the beach and is also close to Rabat, the famous imperial city and capital of Morocco.


  • Technical Director Abderrahim RHEFIR
  • DirectorMr Brahim ALAOUI
  • Coach Mohamed ZAAZOUI
  • Coach Hicham MOUFTI
  • Coach Majid BROUZYNE
  • CoachMr Abdeljalil BENCHEIKH
  • Address Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres Centre National des Sports Moulay Rachid KM 12 Route de Meknes Salé MAR
  • Telephone + 212 661 216 352
  • Fax + 212 537 835 081
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Saluzzo (ITA)

Speciality: Race Walking

Coach: Sandro Damilano 

Facilities: Numerous roads for training and a well equiped gymnasium

Accommodation: Double and single rooms (max 12 persons) in an historical building with kitchen, living room and TV room, laundry and fully equipped gym for walking activities. All rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning and wi fi. (breakfast in the school, lunch and dinner in the restaurant).

Price: 30 USD Basic price (B&B)

Other Facilities: Conference and meeting halls and the ATC is linked with a study research centre for technical and scientific support.

Comments: Saluzzo is the perfect location in which to train and prepare for competitions. It is a small historical town located on a plane, with nearby gentle hills and yet within easy reach of the mountains. The ATC is also near Turin international airport and is well connected with good train and bus lines.


  • DirectorMr Maurizio DAMILANO
  • Address Corso G. Ancina, 8 Saluzzo ITA
  • Telephone 39 0175 42563 39 0175 248 132
  • Fax 39 0175 248986
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Vaxjo (SWE)

Specialities: Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Heptathlon, Decathlon

Coaches: Agne Bergvall, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson, Jonas Mellblom, Andreas Wulff

Facilities: The outdoor facilities consist of a Stadium with an eight lane track and excellent track and field training facilities. There is also a first class 200 metre indoor track with six lanes combined with a full-scale indoor stadium for the javelin and discus and there is a weight lifting area with a number of Olympic bars.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in apartments next to the university campus.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: Biomechanical, physiotherapeutic and psychological services are available on the campus as well as tennis courts, a gymnasium, beach volley ball and use of the excellent university library.

Comments: The university campus used by ATC Vaxjo is situated in very attractive countryside with its castle and lakes. There are several excellent running trails that go around the lakes and into the woodlands.


  • Director Uwe HAKUS
  • Coach Andreas WULFF
  • CoachMr Jonas MELLBLOM
  • CoachMr Vesteinn HAFSTEINSSON
  • Coach Agne BERGVALL
  • Administrator Ulrika PIZZEGHELLO
  • Address Linnaeus University Department of Sport Science Vaxjo SWE
  • Telephone + 46 76 621 65 45
  • Fax +46 702 62 30 27
  • Websitevisit site

ATC Vila Real de Santo Antonio (POR)

Specialities: Hammer, Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Middle/Long Distance/Cross Country

Coaches: Artur Lara Ramos, Helder Silva

Facilities: Stadium, synthetic athletics track, excellent throwing and jumping facilities, 2 gymnasiums, indoor sports hall, video room.

Accommodation: 3 & 4 star hotels

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: Lawn football pitches, weight lifting room, medical centre, 8,500m of pinewood tracks which includes a 2,300m cross country trail, and facilities for basketball, handball, roller blades, tennis.

Comments: Situated in an area of vast natural beauty on the border between Spain and Portugal where athletes such as Erki Nool, Gabriela Szabo, Paula Radcliff and Wilson Kipketer have trained.


  • Director Joao Cabrita FERNANDES
  • Coach Helder SILVA
  • Coach Artur Lara RAMOS
  • Address Complexo Desportivo Municipal Vila Real Santo Antonio POR
  • Telephone + 351 281 510 960 + 351 281 510 968
  • Fax + 351 281 510 965
  • Websitevisit site

World High Jump Centre, Cologne (GER)

Specialities: High Jump

Coach: Wolfgang Ritzdorf

Facilities: The outdoor facilities consist of a Stadium with a six lane track and excellent training facilities for track and field. There are also first class indoor facilities for sprints/hurdles, jumping and throwing events. Weight lifting room and gymnasium.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in comfortable guest houses on the university campus.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board).

Other Facilities: Biomechanical, physiotherapeutic and psychological services are available on the campus as well as a swimming pool, spa, tennis courts, volley ball and use of the excellent sports library.

Comments: The university campus used by ATC Cologne is situated in very attractive countryside especially suitable for running with miles of woodland trails to enjoy.

There are also excellent competition opportunities close to Cologne in winter or summer.


  • General ManagerDr. Wolfgang RITZDORF
  • Address German Sport University Cologne Am Sportpark Mungersdorf 6 Cologne GER
  • Telephone + 49 221 4982 4180
  • Fax + 49 221 4973 454
  • Websitevisit site

World Pole Vault Centre, Formia (ITA)

Specialities: Pole Vault

Coaches: Vitaly Petrov

Facilities: Stadium, gymnasium, winter training facilities

Accommodation: Modern and comfortable lodging on site with sauna

Other Facilities: Medical laboratories, computer visual aides, tennis.

Comments: The centre is situated in an area of 80,000m² regularly used by elite athletes past and present.


  • Head Coach Vitaly PETROV
  • General ManagerMr Giacomo CANDELORO
  • Address Via Appia lato Napoli, 175 Formia ITA
  • Telephone + 39 0771 32191
  • Fax + 39 0771 321 9292
  • Websitevisit site