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HPTC Eldoret (KEN)

Specialities: Middle and long distances

Coaches:  Jimmy Beautha

Facilities: The centre offers training at altitude (2000m above sea level), in a beautiful undulating landscape.

Accommodation: Comfortable on-site lodgings

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: Cinder athletics track, weight lifting room

Comments: Almost all of Kenya’s Olympic and World Champions, past and present, have trained at this elite centre of excellence.


  • Director Robert KEINO
  • Chief CoachMr Jimmy BEAUTHA
  • Address P. O. Box 3532-30100 Eldoret KEN
  • Telephone + 254 722 652 288
  • Fax + 254 53 2061 981
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Beijing (CHN)

Specialities: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Middle/Long Distance, Race Walking, Throws

Coach: Wang Lin

Facilities: 2 indoor facilities, 3 outdoor 400m tracks, specific throwing area, weight lifting area.

Accommodation: Excellent accommodation is provided at the Univeristy

Price: 30 USD Basic price (depending on level of accommodation, full board)

Other Facilities: Excellent medical facilities


  • Technical Director Nan SUN
  • Executive Director Daqing LIU
  • DirectorMr Shuyong FENG
  • CoachMr Lin WANG
  • Address Beijing Sport University 48 Xinxi Road Haidian Beijing CHN
  • Telephone +86 10 6298 9280
  • Fax + 86 10 6298 9280
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Dakar (SEN)

Specialities: Sprints/Hurdles, High Jump, Horizontal Jumps

Coaches & Specialities:

Moussa Fall: High Jump

Anthony Koffi: 400m

Lamine Ndaw: Sprints

Facilities: Excellent track and field facilities

Accommodation: comfortable on-site residential lodgings

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on Level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: weight lifting room

Comments: The centre is situated in “Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor” and is used by the elite sprinters and long jumpers in Africa.


  • DirectorMr Raphaël AGOPOME
  • Coach Anthony KOFFI
  • CoachMr Moussa FALL
  • Address Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor Route de L'Aéroport B.P.88 Dakar SEN
  • Telephone +221 33 850 1076 + 221 77 551 6036
  • Fax +221 33 823 7944
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Gold Coast (AUS)

Specialities: Middle/Long distance, Sprints, Throws

Coaches & Specialities: Sharon Hannan



Price: 30 USD Basic price (depending on level of accommodation, full board).

Other Facilities:


  • Manager Cherry HARVEY
  • Coach Sharon HANNAN
  • AdministratorMrs Yvonne MULLINS
  • Address 139 & 141 Varsity Parade Varsity Lakes AUS
  • Telephone + 61 7 5609 4441 + 61 4 1013 6398
  • Fax + 61 7 5515 7125
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Havana (CUB)


  • Technical DirectorMr Aristides Lazaro BETANCOURT MELLA
  • DirectorMr Idalberto Jesus MOLINA HERNANDEZ
  • CoachMr Santiago ANTUEZ
  • Address Residencias Cubadeportes Calle 40 y 3era A Miramar CUB
  • Telephone + 53 7 204 0348 + 53 5 286 8945
  • Fax
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Kingston (JAM)

Specialities: Sprints/Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps

Coaches: Glen Mills, Patrick Dawson, Leo Brown

Facilities: World class gymnasium and access to a high quality stadium (where the 2002 World Junior Championships in Athletics were held) outside of the university grounds.

Accommodation: accommodation is on the university campus

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: Weight lifting room, tennis, badminton, squash, basketball

Comments: This centre is located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, with its glorious sunrises, white sandy beaches and inspiring scenery


  • Coach Glen MILLS
  • Coach Leo BROWN
  • Assistant Coach Patrick DAWSON
  • Address University of the West Indies Jamaica Olympic Association Ltd. P.O.B. 544 Kingston 10 JAM
  • Telephone + 1 876 970 3672 + 1 876 943 6065
  • Fax + 1 876 929 2180
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC Mauritius (MRI)

Specialities: Sprints, Hurdles, Combined Events

Coaches & Specialities:

Chief Coach:  Aleksandre Nievsky

Assistant Coach: Stephan Buckland

Facilities: Stadium with excellent track and field facilities

Accommodation: An attractive villa provides accommodation for the athletes

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board)

Other Facilities: weight lifting room

Comments: This is the only centre in Africa that provides training facilities for Combined Events. It is set in the beautiful island of Mauritius famed for its glorious weather and beaches.


  • DirectorMr Vivian GUNGARAM
  • CoachMr. Stephen Michael BUCKLAND
  • Chief CoachMr Aleksandr NIEVSKY
  • Address Nebiolo House Maryse Justin Stadium Reduit MRI
  • Telephone + 230 466 3346 + 230 465 4322 + 230 5250 4211
  • Fax + 230 454 0392
  • Websitevisit site

HPTC São Paulo (BRA)

Specialities: Horizontal Jumps, Javelin, Sprints

Coaches & Specialities

Technical Director: Nelio Alfano Moura

The HPTC South America introduced a concept of dividing among four cities the different Athletics' specialities in order to take advantage of the better conditions provided by each of its venues.

City: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Coach: José Haroldo Loureiro Gomes “Arataca”

Speciality: Vertical Jumps and Pole Vault

 City: Presidente Prudente, São Paulo

Coach: João Paulo Alves da Cunha

Speciality: Sprints and Relays

 City: São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo

Coach: João Paulo Alves da Cunha

Speciality: Throwing Events

 City: São Paulo, São Paulo

Coach: Nélio Alfano Moura

Speciality:Horizontal Jumps and Hurdles

Facilities: All four cities used by the HPTC have 8-lane synthetic tracks with electronic timing, weightlifting rooms and physiotherapy and medical assistance.

Accommodation: The athletes are accommodated either in hotels or lodged on-site.

Price: 30 USD basic price (depending on level of accommodation; full board).

Comments: Each of the HPTC South America branches has its own characteristics but all athletes will find very friendly staff to assist their stay in Brazil.


  • Technical DirectorMr. Nélio Alfano MOURA
  • DirectorMr Helio Marinho GESTA DE MELO
  • Address Alameda Bolivia, 12 Condominio Jardim das Americas Ponta Negra Manaus, BRA
  • Telephone +55 92 3182 3205 +55 92 8122 0220
  • Fax +55 92 3182 3201
  • Websitevisit site