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Conley inspiration fro Tatyana Lebedeva

Conley the model for Lebedeva success
Nikolay Ivanov for the IAAF
11 August 2001 – Edmonton – “I felt a serious pressure after qualification jumps. I showed only 14.35. But then I decided that the impressive jumps of my rivals in qualification should make  more difficult their participation in the final, - said the World Champion champion in the triple jump Tatiana Lebedeva who is living in the Russian city of Volgograd.

NI: How did you manage to win with the first jump?

“I decided with my coach Viacheslav Dogonkin to produce the best result in the first attempt, while at previous competitions I was trying to catch the leader. Now the decision was to defeat my rivals and first of all Marinova at the beginning of competition. I concentrated all my strength on the first jump and achieved the task – jumped over 15 metres. But I was afraid that Marinova would come back with a better effort.”

NI: But your last attempt was more impressive.

“When I saw that I got a gold medal, I thought to finish competition and do not use the last attempt, but then I decided to jump for the public, who was supporting very much my jumps.

Without any pressure I made a great jump. It was a surprise for me.”

NI: Your hair style is fantastic why did you decide to change your appearance?

“I have done it especially for the World Championships and for the public, I wanted to attract attention and to make a show. It is a fantasy of my hairdresser in Volgograd. I know that today my style became very popular among the young people in Volgograd. At first I was shocked but now I do not notice it. Later I’ll change the color.”

NI: How did you learned to jump with so great results?

“My model was American triple jumper Mike Conley. We watched videos and tried to copy his jumps, then I added some modifications to his style. Now I can run 100 metres in 11-flat.

NI: What happened with you in Sydney?

“I was ready to go for the world record, but I did not do it in the first jump, while Marinova became a leader before the rain started. It was impossible to jump over 15 metres. Each big competition gives me more experience.”

NI: When will you next compete?

“I am going to participate in some Grand Prix meets, the Grand Prix final and the Goodwill Games.

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