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Men 400m relay photo finish splits

400m relay splits

The following split times have been taken from photo-finish prints of the changeovers in yesterdays’s races. Much the quickest time came from Poland’s Robert Mackowiak, who clocked 45.34 on the anchor leg in heat 2. Not also the outstanding 46.02 first leg run by the USA’s Andre Morris. The stage is set for even faster time in the final, as those runners who were rested for the final are brought into the teams. These should include Jamie Baulch (GBR), Milton Campbell (USA), and possibly Japan’s sprint star Koji Ito.

Heat 2 USA Andre Morris 46.03 (1st, 3:08.41) ; Dameon Johnson 46.48; Deon Minor 49.21 (sic); Khadevis Robinson 46.70;
Jamaica Michael McDonald 47.53 (2nd, 3:08.90); Linval Laird 47.55 Sanjay Ayre 47.96; Danny McFarlane 45.86;
France Marc Foucan 47.24 (3rd, 3:09.27); Emmanuel Front 46.66; Christoph Cheval 48.87; Bruno Wavelet 46.50
Austria Martin Lachkovics 47.67 (4th, 3:09.30); Andreas Rechbauer 47.33; Hans-Peter Welz 48.16; Christoph Pöstinger 46.14

Heat 1 Poland Piotr Rysiukiewicz 47.24 (1st, 3:04.25); Piotr Haczek 45.89; Jacek Bocian 45.78; Robert Mackowiak 45.34
Japan Kazuhiro Takahashi 46.69 (2nd, 3:05.90); Jan Osakada 46.51; Masayoshi Kan 46.74; Shunji Karube 45.99
Great Britain Allyn Condon 47.09 (3rd, 3:06.34); Sean Baldock 46.96; Adrian Patrick 46.45; Solomon Wariso 45.84
Spain Andrés Martínez 48.83 (4th, 3:15.93); Antonio Andres 48.37; Juan Trull 48.94; David Canal 49.79

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