17 JUL 2014 Preview Eugene, USA

Men’s high jump preview – IAAF World Junior Championships, Oregon 2014

Belarusian high jumper Andrei Skabeika (Getty Images)Belarusian high jumper Andrei Skabeika (Getty Images) © Copyright

World leader Andrei Skabeika wants to follow the footsteps of his fellow Belarussian Andrei Churyla, winner two years ago.

However, the 2.26m jumper should find strong opposition from 17-year-old Russian Danil Lysenko and Great Britain’s Chris Kandu, both of whom have jumped 2.24m this year.

Also expected to challenge will be Germany’s world junior silver medallist Falk Wendrich, Korea’s world youth champion Woo Sanghyeok, and Jamaica’s world youth bronze medallist Christoffe Bryan.

Javier Clavelo Robinson for the IAAF

Men's High Jump Event timing

Previous Champion

Competitor Nat Date
Andrei Churyla BLR BLR 13 JUL 2012
Competitor Mark Nat Venue Date
Steve Smith 2.37 GBR GBR Seoul 20 SEP 1992
Dragutin Topic 2.37 SRB SRB Plovdiv 12 AUG 1990

2014 Best

Pos Competitor Nat Mark
1 Joel Baden AUS AUS 2.29
2 Andrei Skabeika BLR BLR 2.26
3 Danil Lysenko RUS RUS 2.25
4 Chris Kandu GBR GBR 2.24
5 Mikhail Akimenko RUS RUS 2.24