26 MAR 2010 Iaaf News

IAAF World Lists 2009 - now available

IAAF World Lists 2009 - book cover (IAAF.org)IAAF World Lists 2009 - book cover (IAAF.org) © Copyright

MonteCarloThe IAAF World Lists 2009 (Indoor, Outdoor, Junior, Youth - updated as at 12/02/2010) is available for purchase from IAAF HQ.

This is the 11th edition of this impressive annual statistical publication which is produced in soft back and contains 712 pages.

The information contained is compiled by IAAF Statistics and Documentation Senior Manager Ottavio Castellini with the assistance of three IAAF Consultants for Statistics, Carlos Fernández Canet (Indoor & Outdoor Lists), Felix Capilla (Indoor and Youth) and Francisco Ascorbe (Junior).

Price: US$12.00

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