21 OCT 1999 General News

IAAF performance lists become Top 50

IAAF Performance Lists indepthnow Top 50
22 October 1999 - In line with the continuing development of the IAAF statistical services, the IAAF statistics and documentation service has deepened still further the IAAF's performance lists.

As of the latest edition, available now on the IAAF web site, these lists will contain the best performances of the ten leading performers and the best performance of the next forty best performing athletes.

IAAF statistics and documentation manager Ottavio Castellini said of this latest development: "We are very pleased to be able to offer this extended service, which we feel will be of still more interest to the fans and professionals of athletics. As the ongoing development of our statistical database progresses, we look forward to providing an ever-increasing range of statistical information to our users."

The new statistical format, which will now be the standard for all future editions, follows the successful introduction of an athletes and performances database updated in real-time during the recent 7th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Sevilla '99.