04 OCT 2007 General News

Katsuyuki Tanaka (JPN)

Katsuyuki Tanaka (JPN) (IAAF)Katsuyuki Tanaka (JPN) (IAAF) © Copyright

Katsuyuki Tanaka (JPN)

Date of birth
22 December 1941
Nationality Japanese
Languages English, Spanish, Japanese

Professor, University Research Center, Nihon University

Positions held within the IAAF
IAAF Council Member since 2007

Positions held within Member Federation
JAAF Executive Board Member & Special Advisor to the President since April 2005

Additional Information
1965 Graduated from The Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
 Entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
1979 Director for Environmental Affairs, Hyogo Prefecture
1991 Consul General of Japan in Toronto(Canada)
1993 Consul General of Japan in San Paulo(Brazil)
1997 Director General for Latin America and Caribbean Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
1998 Ambassador of Japan in Mexico
2004 Ambassador of Japan in Spain
Ambassador & Inspector General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Japan
Sports career:
1964 Participated as a player in the All Japan Universities Field
Hockey Championship
1984 Olympic Attaché of Japan for the Los Angeles Olympic Games
Practiced various sports such as athletics, Japanese martial art (Judo, Kendo), baseball, tennis, field hockey and golf in youth.
Wealth of experience of international cultural and sports exchanges, having worked in the related areas in countries such as the Philippines ,Canada, the U.S, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.
Representative of JAAF at various international athletics events, such as the 10th IAAF World Championships in Helsinki and the 35th IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Mombasa.
Master of Athletes’ Village, Osaka 2007 - 11th IAAF World Championships in Osaka.