14 DEC 2004 General News Carlo

Korir and Ogata move into Event Top-10 in latest IAAF World Rankings

Sammy Korir running at the 2004 London Marathon (Getty Images)Sammy Korir running at the 2004 London Marathon (Getty Images) © Copyright

MonteFollowing the running of this year’s Fukuoka International Marathon, Sammy Korir of Kenya and Tsuyoshi Ogata of Japan have moved into the Top-10 for the Marathon Event in the latest round of the IAAF World Rankings.

Ogata pleased the home crowd by winning in 2:09:10 (1317 points) well clear of compatriot Satoshi Osaki (2:10:56 - 1261 points). Following his win, Ogata stepped up to 10th in the Men’s Road Running - Marathon Event Ranking. Sammy Korir was third with 2:11:45 (1224 points) and improved to 5th in the Event Ranking from his previous position of 16th.

South-Africa’s Gert Thys finished fourth in Fukuoka (2:14:27 - 1156 points) and was rewarded with a 22-step rise in the Event Ranking from 60th to 38th.

Kenya’s Jimmy Mwangangi Muindi, the winner of the Honolulu Marathon rose from 54th to 35th. Muindi ran 2:11:12, which earned him 1175 performance points in the IAAF World Rankings.

In the women's race in Honolulu, Japan’s Eri Hayakawa finished second with 2:28:11 (1201 points) and improved eight places to 28th in the Women’s Road Running - Marathon Event Ranking. Albina Ivanova of Russia crossed the line in third place in Honolulu. The 27-year-old finished in 2:32:44 (1134 points) and stepped up a place to 25th.

Meanwhile in Europe, Bezunesh Bekele of Ethiopia was the winner of the 15km Heerenberg Montferland Run in The Netherlands with 48:35 (1190 points) and re-entered the Event Ranking in 22nd place.

The next edition of the IAAF World Rankings will be published on Tuesday, 4 January 2005.