14 JUN 2012 General News Minsk, Belarus

Ostapchuk improves to 21.13m, Menkova hammers 78.19m in Minsk

Nadzeya Ostapchuk - 21.13m in Minsk (Nastassia Marynina)Nadzeya Ostapchuk - 21.13m in Minsk (Nastassia Marynina) © Copyright
Nadzeya Ostapchuk broke her own national Shot Put record with a 21.13m blast to highlight the "Olympic Champions Prizes" meeting at sport center "Staiki" in Minsk on Tuesday (12).

Her big throw came in the third round to eclipse her previous mark of 21.09m set in 2005. Her series in Minsk also included another effort of 20.60m.

"I was in a good form on the first stage before the Diamond League in Doha," said Ostapchuk, who reached an indoor best of 21.70m in 2010. "But wasn’t able to realize all my goals. I wanted to throw with stored energy. I'm glad I did it. Now begins the second phase of training, which aims at the Olympics in London. I hope not to lose all that I gained and to compete for a place on the podium at the Games."

Second place went to Natallia Mikhnevich, who threw beyond 19.50m in the first three rounds, with her best of 19.72m coming in the second round. Third was Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya with 18.63m.

Aksana Miankova, the 2008 Olympic champion in the Hammer Throw, equaled her national record of 78.19m which she set in April. She hit her big throw in the second round after opening with a solid 76.76. She also had one more throw that measured 74.41.

"I'm happy about my long throwing and pleased that I could repeat my result from April," Miankova said. She was also pleased that Alena Matoshka and Volha Tsander, who both thre beyond 70 metres, could provide a strong competitive environment.

Matoshka, who opened with 76.05m, reached 76.56m to improve by nearly three metres on her previous personal best and finish second. She closed the competition with another solid effort of 75.90m.

Tsander, the former national record holder, was third with a 70.33m best.

The men’s Hammer Throw provided a strong competition as well, with five hitting the Olympic A standard.

Pavel Kryvitski and Andrei Varantsou both broke the 80-metre mark with identical 80.25m throws. Kryvitski struck first and also reached 80.16m in the sixth round. Varantsou produced his big throw in the fourth round, and in the last managed to show 78.86m, giving the victory to Kryvitski.

Beijing Olympic medalist Vadim Devyatovskiy finished third with 79.60m. Azerbaijan's national record was set by a former Belarussian Dzmitry Marshin who threw 79.45m in round four. Yury Shayunou thew 79.19m to round out the top five.

Pavel Lyzhyn won the men’s Shot Put with 20.48m, the only putter to break 20 metres.

Mironchyk-Ivanova takes fierce Long Jump battle

The most dramatic event of the competition came in the women’s Long Jump which results in personal bests Mironchyk-Ivanova and Veronika Shutkova who pushed each other past the seven-metre line for the first time.

Shutkova led initially at 6.78m. In the second round, they both jumped 6.93m, but then Shutkova improved to 6.96m to which Mironchyk-Ivanova replied with a 6.97m leap. In the final round she improved to 7.08m (w +1.9 m/s) while Shutkova came up just a little bit short with 7.01m (+1.1 m/s)

Volha Sudarova finished third at 6.85, also an Olympic A standard.

Elsewhere, Merve Aydin of Turkey clocked a 2:00.23 national record to win the 800m. Sviatlana Usovich won the 400m in 51.00.

Alina Talay won the women’s 100m in 11.43 while Aliaksander Linnik, who competes in the U.S. at Barton County Community College, won the 100 and 200m in 10.63/21.06.

Mikhail Dubitski for the IAAF

Leading Results -
Men -

Hammer Throw
1 Pavel Kryvitski 80.25
2. Andrei Varantsou 80.25
3 Vadim Devyatovskiy 79.60
4 Dzmitry Marshin 79.45
5 Yury Shayunou 79.19.

Shot Put
1 Pavel Lyzhyn 20.48

Women -
800 m
1 Merve Aydin 2.00.23

400 m
1 Sviatlana Usovich 51.00
2 Hanna Tashpulatava 51.43
3 Ilona Usovich 51.69

Long Jump
1 Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova 7.08
2 Veronika Shutkova 7.01
3 Volha Sudarova 6.85

Shot Put
1 Nadzeya Ostapchuk 21.13
2 Natallia Mikhnevich 19.72
3 Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya 18.63

Hammer Throw
1 Aksana Miankova 78.19
2 Alena Matoshka 76.56
3 Volha Tsander 70.33