23 DEC 1997 General News

Season's Greetings from Primo Nebiolo

Season’s Greetings from IAAF President Primo Nebiolo

Christmas and the end of year celebrations give me an opportunity to address to all the friends of Athletics and the visitors to our web site my best wishes and my thanks. Wishes that they may pass this festive period in tranquillity and joy and start 1998 with the enthusiasm of those who start on the next stage of a long and fascinating journey.

Thanks for the appreciation which you have all shown during months past for the efforts which the IAAF has made to modernise its communications systems.

In this context, the Internet represents the cutting edge of communications technology. Our Federation is determined to utilise this vast electronic ocean to the full to continue to expand the ever greater and more united Athletics Family.

The World Championships which took place in Athens last August, were something of a test for us of the extraordinary potential of the Internet. 1998 will be a year of consolidation of this experience and the start of an increasingly lively dialogue with all those who wish to discover, through Athletics, the incessant progress of mankind.

The evidence of this progress, during the season which has just ended, have been exceptional: 15 world records outdoors, nine for men and six for women; eight world records indoors, six for men and two for women. And our athletes - be they Wilson Kipketer or Sergey Bubka, Marion Jones or Stefka Kostadinova - have triumphed in the classification which, each year’s end, proclaims the champion of champions.

1998 promises to be just as special. It is the Year of Women in Athletics and we intend, throughout the year, to highlight the great accomplishments of women in our sport.

But 1998 will also be the year of Athletics on Internet: this is the promise of the IAAF to all those who love our sport.