01 FEB 2012 General News Moscow, Russia

Silnov soars 2.35m in Moscow

Olympic champion Andrey Silnov high jumping at 2010 Znamenskiy Memorial (LOC)Olympic champion Andrey Silnov high jumping at 2010 Znamenskiy Memorial (LOC) © Copyright

Ten men competed in the 16th traditional Moscow Cup Jumps with Music High Jump competition with Andrei Silnov, the reigning Olympic champion prevailing at 2.35m to equal the season's world lead.

Perhaps the sounds of the loud melodies helped them turn the competition into the holiday of athletics in general and high jumps in particular.

All ten from Ukraine, Belarus and naturally Russia cleared 2.15m, with nine topping 2.20m. A sextet conquered 2.24m. And only then the whole thing really started when four, plus one, cleared 2.27m. It was Ivan Ukhov who turned out to be Mr. Plus One, for he missed the first attempt at 2.27m and then devoted his efforts on 2.30m which he cleared on his first attempt.

But he was far from remaining alone. The young prodigy Andrei Patrakov also cleared 2.30m with his first try. Alexandr Shustov, the European champion, managed the height on his third attempt but Silnov cleared it easily on his first time of asking. And our friend from Ukraine, Andrei Protsenko, cleared 2.27m but failed at 2.30m.

Ukhov then bowed out at 2.33m as did Patrakov and Shustov.

So that only left Silnov in the jumping sector. And he cleared 2.35m at his first effort! So the first step on the podium was his as well as the winning melody. What will the Olympic champion clear on Sunday when he’ll jump at IAAF Indoor Permit meeting “Russian Winter”?

The next three positions were decided on the countback at 2.30m: Patrakov was second, Ukhov third and Shustov next.

Still it was a real holiday. The sounds of music with the jumps are the among the most delicious plates in the athletic kitchen.

Nickolai Dolgopolov and Rostislav Orlov fot the IAAF