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Television Production Outline Paris 2009


Television Production Outline

Host Broadcaster – Canal+
Technical provider: Visual TV
Director Integration: Jean-Jacques Amsellem/Director field: Mohammed Hassani

1. Production Format @ Venue: 16:9

2. Production and Split of Disciplines:

  • Unit 1 – Integrated Feed & track (11 cameras)
  • Unit 2 – Javelin (including virtual graphic), Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump (totally 15 cameras in use for field disciplines)
26 Cameras total in use for the World Feed 
·        Feeds of Javelin can be received Live with graphics requested by right holder
·        Feeds of all Cameras or Feeds can be made available if Rights Holders wish to have their own SNG. The Rights Holder can then cut and mix their own coverage
·         Master talk will only be accessible for FE equipped commentary positions

3. Event Coverage & Programme: (times are local / GMT+2)
World Feed timings: CEST 20:00-22:00

Based upon the time table for ÅF Golden League Paris, The Host Broadcaster (HB) will provide coverage of all track events that occur between 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs. These will include Golden League disciplines: Men 400m, Women 400m, 100 Women, Men 100m, Women 100m, Men 5000m, Men 110mH all of which will be Live.

In additional there will be a mixture of both Live and Recorded coverage of Field disciplines Women High Jump, Women Pole Vault, Men Javelin Throw and Men Triple Jump.

4. Technical Power:

Technical Power will be provided either by Stadium Power or generator, within the TV Compound. All requests (questionnaire) for Technical Power should be made to Melissa Payne (melissa.payne@imgworld.com) and Sabrina Mesli (Sabrina.mesli@canal-plus.com)

5. TV Mixed Zone:

Please be advised that the Host Broadcaster will not provide any equipment (lights etc) or any power cables within the Mixed Zone unless this has been requested.

Should you have any questions regarding any item mentioned above, or should you require any further information please contact:

Melissa Payne, Production Manager IMG       Sabrina Mesli, International Coordinator, Canal+
Office: +44 208 233 5300                                Office: +33 1 71 35 29 86
Mobile: +44 795 612 8601                               Mobile: +33 6 10 16 18 59
Email: Melissa.payne@imgworld.com            Email: sabrina.mesli@canal-plus.com

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