15 FEB 1999 General News

The updated IAAF web site

Welcome to our new web

Welcome to the new look IAAF web site.

We opened the original IAAF web site in 1996 and, though there have been significant improvements in the web since then, we felt that the time had come to have a thorough rebuild.

The "new-look" web has been simplified and extended. Most of the sections now have a comprehensive search facility and we have added a new multimedia section. Although this is largely comprised of photos at the present time, the number of video and audio clips will be expanded as we are able to add them.

We have included the "Exchange Zone", where you can find not only all current email adresses for the IAAF and its member federations (where these federations have email and/or a web site), but a number of other links to athletics related resources, broadcasters (for programming schedules) and other practical on-line resources.

The IAAF "Store" section is not currently available, but will return shortly and will then allow on-line ordering.

We will be pleased to receive your comments and suggestions and look forward to seeing you again soon on www.iaaf.org. Bookmark the home page and check back regularly. When possible, we update our web on a daily basis and endeavour to bring you the best all-round covergae of athletics available anywhere on the Internet.

Take the time to look around and get to know the site and, above all, enjoy!