14 MAY 1998 General News

The Year of Women Pole Vaulters

15 May 1998Monte CarloMonacoThe International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) has ratified six world records for the women’s pole vault. At the beginning of 1998 the world indoor record for women’s pole vault stood at 4.40 metres - jointly owned by Emma George (AUS) and Stacey Dragila (USA) - but in a frenzy of activity that mark was improved no fewer than 11 times by five different athletes* in the space of three months. One of these record breaking athletes, Emma George, took advantage of her native Australia’s Southern Hemisphere location to also break the outdoor world record during Europe’s winter season. The current world record of 4.59 represents George’s third successful record attempt outdoors this year and her fifth in total.
Ratified world records:

4.55 Emma George AUS Adelaide March 26 1998
4.50 Emma George AUS Adelaide March 26 1998
4.47 Emma George AUS Adelaide March 7 1998
4.44 Vala Flosadottir ISL Ekilstuna February 14 1998
4.59 Emma George AUS Brisbane March 21 1998
4.58 Emma George AUS Melbourne March 14 1998

*The other record breakers were: Stacy Dragila, Daniela Bartova and Anzhela Balakhonova

Photo by Sporting Images

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