03 JUL 2009 General News

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Dear Broadcaster,

Usain Bolt is in town and of course this is having and impact on the tonight show from Stade de France. As you can see the time table has been revised with the 100m Men later in the evening (21:40 local). Also, Pole Vault Men has been added to the schedule and we are now having five ongoing field disciplines between CET 20:00 to 22:00.

With the above in mind and a forecast saying rain (heavy thunder storms yesterday evening) I would like to draw your attention to the risk for overtimes. Kindly prepare for a transmission ending after CEST 22:00.

The Host Broadcaster, Canal+, and the director Jean Jacques Amsallem will focus on the ÅF Golden League field disciplines. On our request the Men´s Pole Vault will also be covered. The Triple Jump eventually (depending on time) is summarized with 3rd – 2nd – 1st place and with the best attempts including results.

All track disciplines up to 800m to be covered from start to finish. 3000m to be interrupted with field disciplines. The first laps and the last 3 laps will always be covered.

Start and ending of the transmission will follow the ÅF Golden League standard procedure. In the end of the transmission you will be provided with a “sting” for the next ÅF Golden League meeting in Zurich August 28th.

Pace Makers

800m Women
Natalya Tsygonova, RUS 400m 57.5 sec

800m Men
Abdallah Abdelgadir, SUD 400m 50 sec
    600m 1 min 16 sec

3000m Men
1. Benson Esho, KEN  400m  59.1 sec
2. Vickson Polonet, KEN 1000m 2 min 27 sec
3. Cornelius Ndiwa, KEN 2000m 4 min 54 sec

3000m Men
1. Elijah Chelimo, KEN  1200m 2 min 39 sec
2. David Langat, KEN  2.400m 5 min 20 sec

Good luck with your transmission

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