Kamila Skolimowska

Athlete Profile

    Poland Poland
    04 NOV 1982
Kamila Skolimowska of Poland competes in the Women's Hammer Throw Final (Getty Images)

Personal Best - Outdoor

Performance Wind Place Date
Hammer Throw 76.83 Doha 11 MAY 2007

Progression - Outdoor

Hammer Throw

Performance Place Date
2008 73.50 Warszawa 15 JUN
2007 76.83 Doha 11 MAY
2006 75.29 Athína (Olympic Stadium) 17 SEP
2005 74.27 Madrid 16 JUL
2004 72.57 Athína (Olympic Stadium) 25 AUG
2003 71.38 Bydgoszcz (Zdzislaw Krzyszkowiak) 20 JUL
2002 72.60 Bydgoszcz (Zdzislaw Krzyszkowiak) 08 JUN
2001 71.71 Melbourne 09 SEP
2000 71.16 Sydney (Olympic Stadium) 29 SEP
1999 66.62 Warszawa 12 JUN
1998 62.72 Budapest (Népstadion) 21 AUG
1997 63.48 01 JAN
1996 47.66 01 JAN

Honours - Hammer Throw

Rank Mark Wind Place Date
The XXIX Olympic Games f NM Beijing (National Stadium) 20 AUG 2008
5th IAAF World Athletics Final 4 70.20 Stuttgart (Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion) 22 SEP 2007
11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics 4 73.75 Osaka (Nagai Stadium) 30 AUG 2007
10th IAAF World Cup in Athletics 1 75.29 Athína (Olympic Stadium) 17 SEP 2006
4th IAAF World Athletics Final 2 73.33 Stuttgart (Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion) 09 SEP 2006
3rd IAAF World Athletics Final - Hammer Throw 2 72.73 Szombathely 03 SEP 2005
10th IAAF World Championships in Athletics 6 68.96 Helsinki (Olympic Stadium) 12 AUG 2005
2nd IAAF World Athletics Final - Hammer Throw 5 69.83 Szombathely 05 SEP 2004
28th Olympic Games 5 72.57 Athína (Olympic Stadium) 25 AUG 2004
1st IAAF World Athletics Final - Hammer Throw 8 61.46 Szombathely 07 SEP 2003
9th IAAF World Championships in Athletics 8 68.39 Paris Saint-Denis (Stade de France) 28 AUG 2003
9th IAAF World Cup in Athletics 5 65.24 Madrid (CM) 21 SEP 2002
17th IAAF Grand Prix Final 1 71.71 Melbourne 09 SEP 2001
8th IAAF World Championships 4 68.05 Edmonton (Commonwealth Stadium) 07 AUG 2001
IAAF/Coca Cola World Junior Championships 10q1 51.84 Santiago de Chile (E.Nacional) 17 OCT 2000
27th Olympic Games 1 71.16 Sydney (Olympic Stadium) 29 SEP 2000
7th IAAF World Championships in Athletics 21 50.38 Sevilla (La Cartuja) 24 AUG 1999
1st IAAF World Youth Championships 1 63.94 Bydgoszcz (Zdzislaw Krzyszkowiak) 18 JUL 1999
IAAF World Junior Championships q2 Annecy (Park des Sports) 01 JAN 0001

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Updated 3 August 2008

Kamila SKOLIMOWSKA, Poland (Hammer Throw)

Born 4 November 1982, Warsaw
1.80m / 105 kg
Lives: Warsaw
Coach: Pyotr Zaytsau  (Belarus)
Club: Skra Warszawa

By the age of only 18, Kamila Skolimowska had already secured her future pension. How did she do it? By executing just one very good Hammer throw at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Once the result of 71.16m was officially announced, no more procedures were needed.
The International Olympic Committee awarded Skolimowska a gold medal and, when she is 35, she will be able to get a pension resulting from a special regulation which exists in Poland. Fortunately, Skolimowska does not need any pension yet.  She still earns from throwing a hammer. Besides that, she has already started her new job as a policewoman and works in the police station in Piaseczno, near Warsaw.
Kamila’s father, Robert Skolimowski, was a super heavyweight athlete, winning weightlifting bronze medals at the 1986 World Championships and Goodwill Games, and finishing seventh in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, . Three decades ago he was considered one of the strongest men in the world. Her mother, Teresa Wenta, played handball in the top division of the National League, being also very strong.

The daughter of such an exceptional couple followed their example. First, she tried rowing then switched to Hammer throwing, which was a newly introduced female athletics event. Fifteen years after Skolimowski won his Goodwill Games bronze, his daughter took Goodwill Games gold, in the Hammer in Brisbane.

In 1996, Skolimowska became youngest ever national champion and record holder at the age of 13. Her very first guru was Zbigniew Palyszko, who coached Kamila and his son Maciej together. After having won gold in Sydney, Skolimowska became one of the most recognised sports personalities in Poland, interviewed by all the media. The city of Warsaw offered her a complimentary apartment.

Skolimowska graduated in economics at the Warsaw University and began a new life as a self-made woman. She escaped from under the wings of Palyszko. Czeslaw Cybulski, who became her new coach, also trained the 2000 Olympic men’s champion in the Hammer Throw, Szymon Ziolkowski.

Both Sydney winners were very glad to work as training partners.  But nothing lasts forever. In 2004, Cybulski unexpectedly resigned from his post in the national athletics federation, leaving the two champions without a trainer. Cybulski was replaced by Piotr Zaytsau (in the former transcription: Pyotr Zaytsev).
Under the new coach, Skolimowska improved her personal best year by year but remained mainly unsuccessful at the championships, with the exception of the 2006 European Championships, in Göteborg, where she won a bronze medal. Skolimowska still has many problems with her technique and struggles to keep her weight down. Nevertheless, she remains capable of executing a surprising throw to win another Olympic gold at Beijing 2008.

Personal Bests

76.83 (2007)

Yearly Progression

1996: 47.66; 1997: 63.48; 1998: 67.72; 1999: 66.62; 2000: 71.16; 2001: 71.71; 2002: 72.60; 2003: 71.38; 2004: 72.57; 2005: 74.27; 2006: 75.29; 2007: 76.83; 2008: 73.50

Career Highlights

1997 1st  European Junior Championships (Ljubljana)  59.72
1998 7th  European Championships (Budapest)   62.68
1999 1st  World Youth Championships (Bydgoszcz)  63.94
2000 1st  Olympic Games (Sydney)     71.16
2001 4th  World Championships (Edmonton)   68.05
 1st  Goodwill Games (Brisbane)    70.31
2002 2nd  European Championships (Munich)   72.46
 5th   World Cup (Madrid)     65.24
2003 8th  World Championships (Paris)    68.39
 1st  European Under-23 Championships   71.38
2004 5th  Olympic Games (Sydney)     72.57
2005 7th  World Championships (Helsinki)    68.96
 1st  World University Games (Izmir)    72.75
2006 3rd  European Championships (Göteborg)   72.58
 1st  World Cup (Athens)     75.29
2007 4th  World Championships (Osaka)    73.75

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