Mohammed Ghaleb Al-Omaisi

Athlete Profile

    Republic Of Yemen Republic Of Yemen
    1 AUG 1994

Personal Best - Outdoor

Performance Wind Place Date
400m hurdles (84.0cm) 55.91 Singapore 19 AUG 2010

Progression - Outdoor

400m hurdles (84.0cm)

Performance Place Date
2010 55.91 Singapore 19 AUG

Honours - 400 Metres

Rank Mark Wind Place Date
13th IAAF World Indoor Championships h5 DNS Doha (Aspire Dome) 12 MAR 2010

Honours - 400m hurdles (84.0cm)

Rank Mark Wind Place Date
1st Youth Olympic Games (athletics) 3r1 1:11.66 Singapore 23 AUG 2010

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