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Men’s Pole Vault

South Africa’s Okkert Brits (Africa) the Commonwealth Champion took a straight forward second attempt 5.75m win over USA’s Jeff Hartwig (5.70), with Germany’s Lars Borgeling third on a lowly 5.40m.

Brits had a clean score card through three jumps at 5.40, 5.50 and 5.60. Hartwig, the North American record holder entered the competition at 5.50 which he took on his second attempt and then cleared first time at 5.60.

Both men moved on to 5.70 and it was at that height the competition got tactical. Hartwig cleared on his second attempt but Brits after coming unstuck with his first attempt at 5.70, moved on to 5.75 which he cleared with his second (and final) vault at this new height.

Hartwig passed 5.75 and moved on to 5.80m at which both he and Brits had three failures, leaving the African as the winner.