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Women's 4x100m Relay

The gun went for the start of the women’s 4x100m sprint relay but Africa’s lead-off Chinedu Odozor never really left the blocks at all and affectively Africa were out of the race from the start.

In the vanguard of the battle for the win were, as predicted the USA, with a star line up of Chryste Gaines, Marion Jones, Inger Miller and Gail Devers.

However, as they entered the home straight the USA found themselves first accompanied, and then passed by the Americas’ Caribbean Island’s quartet made up of Jamaica’s Tayna Lawrence, Juliet Campbell and Beverly McDonald, with Bahamas’ Debbie Ferguson on anchor.

So down the last 100m it was former double Olympic 100m champion Devers, verses current Double Commonwealth sprint champion Ferguson, with the Americas’ anchor getting better of the favourites, as Devers tied up.