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Flash Interviews: 800 m Men Final

GoldAlfred Kirwa YEGO, KEN

Until now, I can't believe I'm the one who won it! I was expecting the race to be very tough because everybody was going for victory. As we went through the first lap, it was very very easy for me and I knew I would definitely be in contention. At 600m, I felt so relaxed that I felt I could win. So I unleashed my last kick with 100m to go, but I was not sure I actually won the gold by the time I crossed the line.

Silver - Gary REED, CAN

This is just the greatest day of my life. This is beautiful, man! Oh, great emotions, it feels so good. This is huge, this is bigger than big. It is a breakthrough for my career. I put so much hard work into this, so much effort.
When I was leading, I slowed the race down because I knew if the race was slow, I would have better chances.
The advantage of me not being the favorite was that when I struck, nobody expected me to do so.
I felt it all summer, I knew I was fit, I stayed focused - that is the way.


After such a race to have the bronze is great. I am satisfied. I did not expected such a slow race. That surprised me. When I started my kick they did not allow me to go so I was forced to move into outside. That cost me lot of power.