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Flash Interviews: Men's 4x100 m Relay Final

GoldUnited States

Darvis PATTON: "Even with bad hand-offs we could be the champions. I just wanted to get out as quickly as possible and passed to Wallace."

Wallace SPEARMON: "We practiced with Doc [Patton] a lot and our exchange was one of the best ever. My only thought was to pass it as good as possible to the fastest man on earth. He is my role model, my hero, my everything. He was the leader of our team."

Tyson GAY: "My goal was to produce the biggest possible lead for our last runner. Our hand-off was not the best one, so I tried to pushed him little bit and cheered him so that he makes it to the line as first. It felt great, it is the team work."

Leroy DIXON: "I was so nervous, but when Tyson told me that he is also nervous, then I had a better feeling. I tried to save the gold and was able to do it. The coaches told me I will be the anchor last night at the dinner, that was a great deal of responsibility."

Silver - JAMAICA

Usain BOLT:
It was a good race, but with one bad change. Oh, we messed that really bad. I am not satisfied, but, ah, it is still the silver medal.

I am happy with the National Record. We made mistakes, we messed an exchange and it cost us that World Record. I guess the guys got very excited. But next time around, we will do better. We ran very fast, it is a National Record. But we could have done a lot better. With a couple more practise and more training for the relay, we would have been far better. Next year comes the Olympics.

Bronze - Great Britain & N.I.

Marlon DEVONISH: I just made sure to get the baton to Mark as smooth as possible. When there is a medal at stake, this is just where we put it out.

Mark LEWIS-FRANCIS: We knew we were going to get a medal, but just didn't know the colour. I felt very very very nervous. I believe we were second when I took over. I was chasing first, trying to say relaxed  With 10m to go, obviously I could feel Asafa on my shoulders. I hoped my big chest would help me stay ahead. That's my fastest time in a relay. We've got an amazing young team. It's great to finish where we finish. The potential is in here.
No dance floor, the season is not finished and we've still get a couple of races to go."